AI for Mining & Metals industry

Addepto team is concentrating on delivery dedicated systems and solutions based on AI and Data Science for Mining & Metals industry. We are specializing in creating custom Optimization Systems, Computer Visions application and Predictive Models that meet our clients’ current needs as well as adapt to future changes.

We are working with global leaders on various projects from the Mining & Metals industry.

Optimize Mining & Metals business using AI technology

The big part of mining & metals companies are just beginning their journey with artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. This isn’t because of lack of right people it’s because of the lack of understanding what’s possible.

Data gathered and integrated from multiple data sources could be used for multiple AI and data solutions implementation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions in mining and metals industry could be used to recognize correlations, anomalies and increase quickness and responsiveness, allowing You to be predictive and proactive instead of passive and reactive. Entrusted with observations, visualizations and insights, company’s management are able to make a strategic decisions based on quantitative approach and improve operational performance or minimize risks.

Addepto has prepared a range of AI solutions, including …, that can help you use your data to better predict the ……

Mining and Metals industry should start adopting AI sooner rather than later, because it is a complex and lengthy process requiring patience and willingness to learn.

“AI is one of the key technologies of Digital Transformation age. Companies who will start adopting AI technology early will be ahead of the competitors.” says Edwin Lisowski, Addepto Chief Technology Officer and VP of Innovation.

As an example predictive analytics and machine learning can help companies get a better understanding of market, customer and supplier trends or behavioral patterns. The clear benefits of this are the ability to optimze whole supply chain using delivery predictions and demand forecasting as well as reducing costs based on perfectly planned product delivery plan.

Industry Case Studies

Modern Data Warehouse

If you want to understand the sales behavior of your products in the field by analyzing product baskets, sales correlations, and inventory, you need a modern data warehouse.

Data from a variety of sources: XML files from ATMs, business applications, and transaction systems can be loaded and used for detailed forecasting.

You can expect improvements such as cost-effectiveness, great performance for interactive analytics functions, and the possibility of new analysis and implementation of machine learning tools.

125% ROI

30% cost decrease

Sales Forecasting

Managers in an FMCG environment often have to forecast the amount of inventory and supplies needed to meet demand.

The use of forecasting assumes that past trends will continue with little change in the future. If you want to achieve results with high accuracy, it is not enough to use historical trends.

A customized machine learning system that uses all available data from a variety of sources will enable you to predict demand with high accuracy using advanced self-learning algorithms.

120% ROI

25% cost decrease

Inventory and Demand Prediction

If your company operates in retail, you need an effective solution to accurately forecast demand and inventory needs. Machine learning technology can help.

ML tools can perform historical data analysis, which enables companies to anticipate inventory needs and better serve customers: from data collection and processing, building and training an ML model using fresh data, and accurately predicting inventory needs (all large-scale).

Your business will experience a reduced margin of error to ~ 2,000 SKUs, improved internal merchandising processes, and increased incremental revenue thanks to improved shelf availability.

130% ROI

20% increase in revenue

Sentiment Prediction & Text Classification

Internet traffic and customer awareness make promoting products on the online market extremely difficult.

Companies need an automated tool to help them promote products online, classify and select the best search terms without manual input.

Natural language machine learning system offers a solution that classifies Google search terms and predicts the sentiment of each comment on a social network based on historical data.

140% ROI 

130% increase in customer engagement

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