AI Software Development: Build Products ans Software Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) software development helps businesses to increase revenues, reduce operational and manufacturing costs, improves company’s efficiency and increase conversions or improve user experience.

AI Software Development and Product Building

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and technology could be widely used in different industries and in various size businesses. Manufacturing, customer service, call center, marketing, supply chain and many more companies departments 100% could benefit from AI software development and implementation.

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With technologies from AI field such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive analytics, Image Recognition, Cognitive Solutions, Recommendation Engines, Smart Search Engines and Natural Language Generation companies are able to revolutionize their businesses, improve decision making process and gain competitive advantage. AI technology and software change business on large scale.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) development team helps companies all around the world to first identify the business areas that can benefit from artificial intelligence solutions the most and implement AI software to make sure your company get the benefits and ROI

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Addepto AI software development and product building services include:

Computer Vision

Our team builds innovative applications and products by integrating computer vision services with other systems like POS, ERP and diagnostic software. It is used to detect anomalies in shopping centers, track quality in production lines, analyze medical images, identify products on shelves and analyze people and their demographics in social media. AI development experts in Addepto has outstanding experience in building customized computer vision applications with advanced components based on neural networks such as object classification, feature recognition, image segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, background segmentation and emotion detection. Those solutions helps to solve complex business challenges in different industries.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is becoming an essential for every modern company which aims to gain a competitive advantage in their operations and customer service. Addepto AI team has proven experience in building AI software based on NLP algorithms. This software includes chatbots, intelligent search systems, sentiment analysis, document summarization and understanding, compliance monitoring, recruiting and text analysis on unstructured and semi-structured data.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics includes AI solutions and software that helps you to understand customer behavior, results and helping to steer your business in the right direction. Predictive analytics solutions are build for predicting and preventing customer churn, detect anomalies in your business, to segment your customers into appropriate groups and clusters, to predict and optimize your customers lifetime value and predict demand to optimize inventory and plan resources.

Recommendation and search engines

In the modern world providing users with a personalized experience is virtually a must. They adore feeling special and understanding that someone takes care of them. That is why many companies turned to Addepto with custom recommendation engine requirement. Recommendation and smart search engines simply shows that your website, app or online store is personalized for every particular customer. This is how product recommendation system influences that your customers stay loyal, while more and more users join your service.

Speech analysis

Some of the modern applications require more advanced solutions to acquire new customers and improve their satisfaction. Some of the solutions could be implemented into your mobile or web app are audio analysis and voice recognition based on AI solutions. Addepto has experience in building voice recognition and analysis apps for similarity search for audio files, audio recommendation, indexing audio collections, speech-to-text and text-to-speech systems, speech processing and synthesis.

Optimization system

Optimization system has a goal to find the maximum or minimum value of some target function. Our team implements AI based mathematical algorithms that incorporates and minimizes or maximizes all costs, materials, production, distribution, overhead as well as price. Implemented algorithms could be used to calculate a maximum profit for a given set of costs and a chosen price e.g.. All this could be combined as well as with simulation modelling which requires number of simulated scenarios to choose the best option and target.

Decision Support System

Using artificial intelligence, DSS learn from previous cases and improve with time, providing a more efficient decision-making mechanism that is continuously evolving. DSS allow human agents to focus more on their soft skills and quality of the interaction, and less on scripts and manuals. Our team has developed few systems where complicated scripts are used to identify and troubleshoot issues, and guide customers through to resolution. The process requires possession of large dataset which is difficult for the most highly trained agent to remember.

Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) models can be inserted into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows to perform machine perception tasks, like image recognition e.g.. Tasks that by human brain can be performed in a seconds, whose output may be plugged into a large flow of business and process logic. RPA is considered by many of our customers as needed element of digital transformation era. When RPA is used along with AI efficiency improvement can be achieve.

Computer Vision


Predictive analytics

Recommendation engine

Speech analysis

Optimization system



Our Work – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Image Recognition and Text Mining in Retail

We helped one of the global retail companies to optimize online ad spendings using text mining and increase effectiveness of the operational activities (process automation) using image recognition and computer vision. Advanced AI algorithms were deployed to minimize costs and automate workflow using Machine Learning.

Read the case

AI application in Finance

Using classification Machine Learning model and self-service BI we helped a financial service company to optimize their pricing policy. The model takes into consideration customer behaviour, payments and in-app activity data and adjusts pricing depending on customer’s financial profile.

Read the case

Learn More About AI Software Development

Our AI software developers and architects are always happy to share their industry knowledge and experience about AI solutions and development. In their articles you can find useful information and guidance on what important aspects you will need to consider when implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to your business and building software and products based on AI. Check out our knowledge base about AI software and product building.


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How We Work

Discover and feasibility study

Building a prototype

Integration into existing system or product building

Production deployment


Our AI developers and architects use the best tools and technologies available on the market. We are strongly committed to open source technologies so our customer do not pay additional fees after implementations.

Why Work With Us – Top AI Software Development Company

High quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality thanks to our expertise

Increased efficiency

We implement solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operational costs

Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in as short as 1 week


Creating own AI departments might be a big investment


Finished Projects


Experienced Data Science engineers


Lines of code


Proprietary algorithms created


Industries served

In the first stage of our cooperation, we help particular teams inside the company come up with ways of solving their problems using AI technologies and software by providing context and examples of how it can work. After deeply analyzing a company’s goals and structure we also suggest our own ideas on how AI could be implemented with highest ROI. It gives a clear overview of what benefits advanced AI solutions could bring to your company.

Trust is a foundation for great products

Our customers from various industries often cooperate with Addepto for many years. Together we are trying to achieve strategic goals and building innovative AI products. It's all because commitment to stay a trusted AI technology partner. That means that we work as an extension of our clients’ teams staying close to their needs rather than an outsourcing agency.

Addepto’s technical expertise led to the delivery of an innovative and efficient solution. Their proactiveness was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement. Their understanding of business processes streamlined communication. Customers can expect a dedicated and timely development team.

Head of IT

The modules they have created provide accurate and detailed reporting that allows an in-depth analysis of all KPI’s and much more. Addepto’s project management approach was streamlined and efficient, which produced top-notch results.

Jacek Szlendak

Addepto completed the project to spec, and the software is now live. Knowledgeable in machine learning and flexible, the team pivoted well throughout the development process. They were committed, communicated regularly, and produced quick turnaround times.

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Marketing Business Intelligence Director

We are ranked among top Artificial Intelligence services companies on Clutch

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