Business Intelligence for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Focus on what you do best, and let us do the AI heavy-lifting for your projects. Discover the most effective business intelligence solutions for SME!

Business Intelligence for SME: What do we do?

We help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) focus on what they do best by partnering up with them to deliver AI components and business intelligence solutions for their projects.

Thanks to us, our customers do not have to get involved in a completely new field of data science while, at the same time, being able to meet the increasing demand for business intelligence technology.

Why work with us on Business Intelligence for SME solutions?


High quality models

Due to our experience you don’t have to worry about the quality


More projects

You will be able to take on projects including AI


Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in 1 week



You don’t have to enter an expensive diversification



You can create your internal team whenever you want


Lower price

With our training system we deliver great experts for a lower price

Business Intelligence for SME: What is the process?

1. Needs assessment and brainstorming

In the first stage of our cooperation, we help particular teams inside the company come up with ways of solving their problems using AI and Business Intelligence by providing context and examples. After deeply analyzing the company’s goals and structure we suggest our own ideas for business intelligence solutions.

2. Tech stack and database overview

Having general ideas about the directions of our project, we need to analyze the company’s internal tech stack to assess the time we need for the implementation of a business intelligence solution for SME.

3. In-depth project planning and analysis of business intelligence solutions for SME

At this stage, we make a schedule of the workflow and layout of our exact needs from the company’s team.

4. Integrate data

The key step before we can create our business intelligence solution for SME is to gather all necessary data from a variety of sources (structured and unstructured) and prepare this data for the modeling stage.

5. Model creation

At this stage, we create, test, and deploy algorithms that will be used in the final product.

6. Visualization of business intelligence solutions for SME

This step is optional. In many cases, companies need a way to display the insights from our models. In order to do that, we create custom business intelligence dashboards.

7. Integration and testing

At this stage, we integrate our models and dashboards with the product and begin testing the service.

8. Service and enhancement

After the implementation, we support the company in case of any troubles and continually optimize our models.

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