Data Engineering Consulting

Build automated advanced data pipelines with Addepto Data Engineering consulting team

Our Data Engineering Consulting experts can help you to leverage the data you are collecting and build advanced data pipelines using cutting edge technologies and platforms. We are experts in Cloud technologies as well as in on-premises solutions. We have hand-on data engineering experience using AWS, GCP and Azure.

What Is Data Engineering Consulting & Implementation

Data engineering consulting can help to move your organization into next level in terms of data usage and data management. Our expert team supports global organization in building data processing pipelines using various technologies and data types. Together with our customers we are working on extracting useful business-wise information, manage data and ensure highest level of data quality. Our services were designed to support organizations in making more optimal decisions, thanks to automated advanced data pipelines.

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The task that our data engineering team is performing is collecting and processing raw data, assessment of the usefulness of new information sources, and design and deployment of the new databases that allows to store and process the information flowing into the system. Our experienced data engineers uses modern IT tools in the field of designing and building databases, data lakes or analytical solutions, implementing analytical and information management systems in cooperation with specialists and managers from the business departments who are outside of the IT domain in the organization.

The programming languages and platforms needed for data engineering tasks are Apache Spark, Python, Scala, Docker, Java, Hadoop, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and NiFI.

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How Data Engineering Consulting Can Help You:

Modern Data Pipeline development

Designing, building and implementing production grade end-to-end automated data pipelines. Addepto data engineering team has significant experience in automated data pipeline implementation, using on-premises systems as well as cloud platforms.

Data Preparation and ETL/ELT

Data Preparation, processing and ETL/ELT (extract, transform (load), load (transform)) helps to process, transform and load data into chosen data model for business reporting and advanced analytics. Our Data Engineering team is experienced in building those pipleines for different business departments like Finance, Sales, Supply Chain and others.

Data Lake implementation

Data Lakes is the most powerfull and innovative solution for cost-effective data storing and fast processing. Data Lake adoption in your organization may help you to augment the enterprise data architecture. Addepto has used Data Lakes solutions to solve various customers business problems like Product Traceability, Customer Data Platform, IoT data reporting and others.

Cloud Data Architecture

Today it is important to build and design scalabale and highly available enterprise data architecture. Combining experience from various big eneterprises our Data Architects are able to help move your organization into the next level in terms of Data analytics foundation.

Modern Data Pipelines

Data Preparation and ETL/ELT

Data Lake implementation

Cloud Data Architecture

Data Engineering Consulting – Relevant Case Studies

Mobile data by Addepto

Product Traceability System for big manufacturing copmany

We helped JABIL a big electronic manufacturing company to build a complex Data Lake system based on AWS for Product Traceability. Addepto Data Architects and data engineering experts have designs and implemented end-to-end scalable system for fast analytical reporting and data storage.

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Data visualization by Addepto

Customer Data Platform implementation

We have supported Custimy team with their data lake and analytics journey. Addepto data engineering team have created a tailor-made data transformation layer for both structured data and Digital Marketing data sources, combined together in a single and unyfied cloud data warehouse.

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What is process of Data Engineering Consulting?

Enterprise data foundation is one of the most important IT architecture part. Below you could find a process of implementation data engineering solutions and pipelines:

1) Understangin business needs and technical requirments
This stage is very important because of the right solution design based on gathered business and technical requirments. Our consultants carry out of the workshops and discovery call with potential end users and technical departments to gather all required information.

2) Analysis of current and potential data sources
It is important to go through already existing data sources, to use full potential of data value you have to identify additional data sources that can be used to collect structured & unstructured data. After that, our team will prioritize and evaluate them during this stage.

3) Building and implementing a Data Lake 
Data Lakes are the most cost-effective solutions wehre you could store data. A data lake is a data repository system for storing structured and unstructured raw and processed data files. Such system stores flat, source, transormed or raw files. Data Lakes could be deployed or accessed via on-premises or cloud infrastructures using dedicated tools such as Hadoop, S3, GCS or Azure Data Lake.

4) Desiging and implementing Data Piplines
After deciding on data sources and storage, it is a good moment to start building data processing jobs. Those jobs are the most important part of the whole data pipeline as they transform data into meaningful information and creates unified data model.

5) Automatation and deployment
The next step is one of the most important part in Data Engineering consulting – DevOps. Proper DevOps strategy in data pipeline deployment and automation plays important role and could save tons of wasted time and could take care of the pipeline management and deployment.

6) Integrating data solution into your company’s processes
Every data point which is gathered by your organization could provide you with an opportunity to improve your services, products or business operations. Therefore, data-driven decisions should be present at the company at all levels: product development, pricing, marketing, operations and HR etc.

7) Testing
Testing, measuring and learning — are crucial in the data engineering consulting process. DevOps automation is crucial at this moment.

What Data Engineering Tools and Technologies We Are Using?

Addepto Data Engineering consulting team is using the best tools and technologies available on the market. We partner with biggest cloud solution providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) to deliver stable and best quality software.

Our team also strongly committed to open source community and technologies so our customers do not have to pay additional fees for some of the most popular data engineering software.

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Why Work With Us – Best Data Engineering Consultancy

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The best and highest quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality thanks to our expertise in data engineering implementation


Short and fast solution delivery

We implement solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operational costs and increase your revenues


No risks

You only pay after receiving parts of the project


Full project control

You are in control of the features that we create and can decide on the scope of our engagement


Finished Projects


Experienced Data Engineers


Average ROI


Happy customers


Industries served

We approaching every customer very individualy and determining specific project approach. Together we define technolgoies, infrastructure and advanced technologies that will solve particular business problems and will fit your architecture. During mutual workshop we will define how best deploy Data Engineering solutions to your organization and with what kind of business problems you want to solve.

What Addepto customers says about our Data Engineering services?

Our customers approaches Addepto with complex data problems where we together working on this problem solution. Together we are trying to achieve enterprise strategic goals and implement best data engineering solutions. This means that Addepto work as an extension of our clients’ teams staying close to their needs.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Addepto team, the company can now craft more effective business strategies using the data that the solution provides them."

Przemysław Piekarz

Sales Analysis Manager, InPost

"Addepto is a rapidly developing company, that observes the latest technological trends and takes full advantage of it. They offer an individual approach to each client and are open to new challenges."

Bobby Newman

VP Engineering, J2 Global

"Addepto’s technical expertise led to the delivery of an innovative and efficient solution. Their proactiveness was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement."

Paweł Żelazko

Head of IT, SMEO S.A.

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