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Our company with help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will turn your data into insights and competitive advantage. We provide companies with reliable data science consulting and AI applications.

Data Science and its implementation helps various enterprises automatically extract knowledge & insights from various big data sources. No matter in which industry or sector your company operates or what is your companys suze, in order to be able to make right and effective business decisions you need to base them on reliable insights and predictions.

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Data Science Consulting & expert team will help you to understand better your customers, personalize the customer experience, automate, as well as improve business processes using advanced technologies based on the data ana AI. Most companies experience rising revenues and cost reduction thanks to the successful Data Science tools and solutions implementation.

In recent years, Data Science consulting is being applied in different sectors: retail, manufacturing, aerospace, e-commerce, loyalty, finance (fin-tech), marketing (Ad-tech), healthcare, insurance, gaming, and many more.

Each industry has its own field of application, starting from the demand forecasts, churn predictions, cltv calclations, and recommendation or optimization engines to quality control using computer vision and text processing for summary extraction. All this depends on business conditions and data availability within particular organization.

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Addepto Data Science Consulting Services Include:

Data Mining & Statistical Analysis

Data mining and statistical analysis are based on application of statistics in the form of exploratory data analysis and predictive models. Their goal is to determine trends and patterns in data while using existing data sources. The main opportunities coming from the implementation of this technology include: enabling entrepreneurs to take a business problem and transform it into data question, creating predictive models that answer that question, and gaining in-depth information about the results.

Cloud & Distributed Computing

The goal of implementing cloud and distributed computing is to to have required and distributed infrastructure for data analytics and data science. It allows companies to scale big data applications using easly. Additionally, cloud technologies allows you safe system integration with the current applications and micro-service architecture.

ML / Cognitive Computing Development

The main focus of this solution is to: get all of the needed input to feed the model, build data pipelines, access convenient data sources, run A/B testing, benchmark infrastructure. Once these steps are successfully completed, the focus shifts to building the actual algorithms or models. Knowledge of standard tools used in a particular industry and statistical techniques is essential.

Operations-Related Data Science

Operations-related data science and analytics goal is to leverage the tools and data that is provided by other data scientists, data warehouse team and operational databases in order to determine new opportunities for business improvements and operations optimization. The most popular areas of focus include: logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, finances and human resources.

Which companies can get advatages from data science consulting?

Data science solutions are finally accessible to companies and enterprises of all sizes. Today, any organization that wants to take advantage of the data it possesses, can now leverage data science solutions to extract hidden insights.

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Data science consulting offers a unique opportunity to your team and business – a source of single, accurate, high-quality information. Data science applications enable business leaders to make informed decisions based on forecasts, predictions and optimizations, so their competitive advantage increases.

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What advantages you can gain?

Identify opportunities for improvement

Thanks to data science solutions, proper tools, technology stack and experienced team, your company will gain a complete understanding of what is happening in the company at the moment, as well as accurate forecasts and predictions of what may happen in the near future. Thanks to these insights and informarion companies can introduce new product developments, implement innovative solutions and see new business development opportunities before other competitors could realize that.

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Make better decisions

Data scientists experts are now able to build accurate models that can simulate how a decision will develop and what its most likely impacts are. Basically, business leaders can now see the potential results (with high accuracy) of their decisions before they actually make them. It helps your companu and team significantly reduce the risk of potential failures and makes decision-making processes based numbers, statistics and mathematic not on intuition.


Optimize your business

Data science conulting team, thanks to access to a huge amount of data, will help you to optimize your business in right direction. You will be able do more precise operational decision based on it. Custom-designed optimization system powered by data science can simulate thousands of business scenarios to chose the best one which will fit your needs and business goals.

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Machine Learning Technology

Predictive Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data Visualization


Consumer base graph by Addepto

Customer Lifetime Value and Churn Prediction in Loyalty & Ecommerce


We helped one of the global startups enrich the platform with self-learning Machine Learning components in order to automatically draw analytic conclusions from data and then to take up the best business actions.

See how we deployed the full-stack Data Science solution for insights extraction and data management.

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data graph by Addepto

Embedded Advanced Analytics and Data Science Application


We helped an international software company attract new customers and increase market share by implementing Machine Learning and Business Intelligence modules, which help end-users to increase retention rates and improve operational efficiency with embedded BI.

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Discover the rest of our case studies from various industries. Find out how Addepto solutions can help your business.

Data science is the discipline of making data useful

Learn More About Data Science Consulting

Our team of Data Science experts use advanced AI-driven algorithms, technology and tools to support enterprises in developing data science-driven solutions and products.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, consulting, and integrating Data Science solutions within the customer’s IT infrastructure. Below you could find some useful information which is share on our Blog by our Data Science experts.


Data helps you in almost everything you do. From searching on Google, through hiring new workers up to creating financial reports. It really is all about data.

Check our examples of data science applications!


Finance has been utilizing data over the years before finally conceptualizing and defining data science as a significant influence on finance.


This article will provide you with a better understanding of data science applications in healthcare.

If you are one of the health tech startups, this information will help you to enter the market successfully.

How We Work

Discover and feasibility study

Building a prototype

Integration into existing system or product building

Production deployment

Data scientists are able to think of ways to use data to solve problems that otherwise would have been unsolved, or solved using only intuition.

Peter Skomoroch

Data Scientist, LinkedIn

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina

Former CEO, Hewlett Packard


We provide companies with reliable Data Science consulting services using open source and commercially trusted technologies.

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Why Work With Us – Top Data Science Consulting Company


High quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality thanks to our expertise


Increased efficiency

We implement solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operational costs


Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in as short as 1 week



Creating own Data Science departments might be a big investment for the future


Finished Projects


Experienced Data Science engineers


Lines of code


Proprietary algorithms created


Industries served

We will determine a specific project approach, Data Science solution, and tools that will solve particular business problems and will fit your organization's infrastructure and architecture. During a joint workshop, we will define what is the best way to deploy Data Science solutions to your organization and with what kind of deployment you want to start with.

Trust Is A Foundation For A Great Data Science Applications

Our customers from various industries usually cooperate with Addepto for many years. Together we are trying to achieve strategic goals and build innovative products based on data science. It's all because we make a commitment to stay a trusted Data Science Consulting partner. It means that we work as an extension of our client’s team, stay close to its needs rather than work just as an outsourcing agency.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Addepto team, the company can now craft more effective business strategies using the data that the solution provides them."

Przemysław Piekarz

Sales Analysis Manager, InPost

"Addepto is a rapidly developing company, that observes the latest technological trends and takes full advantage of it. They offer an individual approach to each client and are open to new challenges."

Bobby Newman

VP Engineering, J2 Global

"Addepto’s technical expertise led to the delivery of an innovative and efficient solution. Their proactiveness was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement."

Paweł Żelazko

Head of IT, SMEO S.A.


We were ranked among top Data Science Consulting companies using AI technology on Clutch

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