Digital Twin

Improve decision-making processes in your company. Identify errors and prevent them in the future.


We helped a company operating in aerospace. Information about everything that happened at an airport was mostly available at more advanced control centers.

However, because the various elements were collected and presented independently, it was difficult to see the overall picture, and how all the elements interact.

Moreover, it was hard to generate a historical view to observe how an airport previously handled disruption caused by for example bad weather.


By implementing advanced data engineering and artificial intelligence techniques, Addepto created an operation control interface using digital twins to collect everything that happens.

The use of computer vision and predictive modeling technology covers arriving and departing airplanes, the number of passengers involved, waiting times, escalator operations, passenger satisfaction with restrooms, traffic flows at drop-off and pick-up, and much more.


As a result, we have improved the decision-making process based on the overall picture of airport operations.

In addition to showing what is happening now, we can also choose a moment in history and replay exactly what happened in the past.

This is a very effective way to investigate how the disruption as handled, as well as to determine what can be done better next time.


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