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Addepto experts helps enterprise customers to optimize their operations, increase efficiency and avoid risks by introducing custom made Artificial Intelligence (AI) models on top of their internal systems. We deploy custom Business Intelligence solutions to enrich their internal system with insights. Our team is trusted AI and Business Intelligence consulting partner for many big corporations.

Addepto’s full scope of Machine Learning projects include the analysis of AI potential in corporations, integration of internal systems and implementing customized machine learning solutions on top of their own data. Solutions we build helps companies to gain comptetitive advantage, optimize operations and increase sales.

Our full scope of Business Intelligence project include analysis and development of data integration packages and jobs, building and implementing Enterprise Data Warehouses, developing OLAP and Tabular cubes and implementing self-service BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, Tibco Spotfire, Looker and many other) to visualize all customers data.



High quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality thanks to our expertise


Increased efficiency

We implement solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operational costs


Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in as short as 1 week



Creating own AI departments might be a big investment



You can create your internal team whenever you want


Lower price

We are able to keep high work quality and low rates thanks to our own training methodology.


1. Needs assessment and brainstorming
In the first stage of our cooperation, we help particular teams inside the company come up with ways of solving their problems using AI or Business Intelligence by providing context and examples of how it can work. After deeply analyzing a company’s goals and structure we also suggest our own ideas. It gives a clear overview of what benefits advanced solutions could bring to your company.

2. Tech stack and database overview
Having general ideas about the directions of our project, we need to analyze company’s internal tech stack and available data to assess the feasibility and time we need for the implementation.

3. In-depth project planning and analysis
At this stage we make a schedule of the workflow and lay out our exact needs from the company’s team. Tasks are planned and the team for development is prepared.

4. Integrate data
The key step before we can create our solution is to gather all necessary data from variety of sources (structured and unstructured) and prepare this data for the modeling stage.

5. Model creation
This is one of the most important stages which is responsible for model creation, test and deployment of differnet algorithms that will be used in the final product.

6. Visualization
This step is optional. In many cases companies need a way to display the insights from our models. In order to do that, we create custom business intelligence dashboards. Those vizualizations are integrated with companies reporting system or internal business applications.

7. Integration and testing
At this stage we integrate our models and dashboards with your infrastructure and begin testing the service.

8. Service and enhancement
After the implementation we support the company in case of any troubles and continually optimize the models and data processing.

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