Influencer marketing is recently came into the whole advertising world. It has gained a good renoum because of Social Media marketing campaign effectiveness. The number of brands and companies that invest in influencer marketing campaigns is increasing day over day. It has continued to not only evolve but lead within marketing and advertising area with its modern approach. Nethertheless, this moder approach still have areas for improvement. It could be improved using advanced technologies which are called today Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

If a company plans an advertising campaign using influencers, how does it know if an influencer marketing campaign will go well? It should be based on something more than just a feeling. A business should be able to analyze numbers and facts to get a real sense of whether campaign will be successful or not. Imagine having influencer marketing analytics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). With help of machine learning for marketing and Deep Learning, end users are able to see which particular influencer fits best into their social media campaign. End users will be able to calculate which particular influencer will bring the highest ROI.

In order to select best influencer for a given campaign it is important to know his or her audience. This problem requires deep analysis and understanding of users. While planning a campaign users should understand whihc group of people will be a recipient.

Some of the most important follower base metrics are preneted below. All this information could be extracted from Social Media data using data science consulting services and AI techniques.

Some of demographics that could be extracted using AI for influencer marketing


It is important to know average age of the influencer audience. Marketing experts claims that age is very important factor. Basically age defines our audience and target group. Advertising products for older people to the kids and teenagers or other way around is counterproductive. That is why knowing if influencer has younger or older audience is very important.


Gender is another important factor. Many products and brands are strongly associated with specific gender. Partnering with influencer whose audience is mostly male or female makes sense only in case when advertised product may have appeal for such audience.


Even though we live in a globally interconnected world, location still matters. This is especially important for local products and brands. However, even global ones often need slightly different approach for advertising depending on part of the world. Knowing consumer location is very important event today. There is no surprise that location of influencer audience is important proper campaign targeting.

Marital status

Some products and services are dedicated for singles, others have more appeal for couples. For campaigns of such products to make an impact it is necessary to select the best audience. In influencer marketing it means selecting a personwhose follower base mostly belongs to such category, hence knowing marital status matters.


Influencers shares their interests with followers. There is multitude of influencers` interests in gaming, sports, cooking etc. Choosing a right influencer means reaching out to many people with similar interests. However there is more, thorough analysis may indicate that most of a cooking chef`s followers are also interested in new technologies. This could make him a good advertiser for a hot new gadget etc..


Brands are similar to interests. Many influencers are already associated with some brands, e.g. a runner who is using only Nike shoes. Diligent analysis of such influencer`s followers may indicate that they are also interested in healthy food and are good targets for campaigns for organic food brands.

Influencer matching

Did you imagine that companies and brands could be automatically matched with influencers? Many companies that use existing influencer marketing platforms spend a lot of time searching for the right influencer. This kind of search could be replaced by an automated AI matching based on brand preferences.

Combining audience dimensions listed above makes a good base for selecting best influencer to partner with for a specific campaign. This can make a huge difference, properly targeting the campaign is the key for successful marketing endeavours. Such data and metrics, can be derived from raw social media feeds using combination of Machine Learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. Thanks to growing suit of cloud based solutions it can be implemented in almost completely serverless way, which minimizes the costs of such system.

Wrapping Up – AI for Influencer Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting more and more into influencer marketing industry. Earlier, companies had to choose influencers based on numbers which are just showing engagement of followers, number of followers and potential location. Those days are over.

AI-powered influencer marketing platforms will help to discover a real knowledge on the audience and brands. More scientific approach will improve advertisement campaign performance and will help to attract new customers. Features based on AI and technology of machine learning in finance and marketing offer accurate and transparent insights effectively establishing a solid return on investment (ROI).
The future of influencer marketing will rise together with AI algorithms.The best results will be given where the combination of different algorithms will work in parallel with humans. It will provide highly efficient campaigns for brands.

If you considering extracting knowledge from hidden Social Media correlations or just want to extract additional insight from your customers or marketing data, ping us a message.

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