Expanding products for Startups with Machine Learning

Introduce your first AI powered feature in no time for half the cost.


We help startups enhance their products with AI and analytics powered features.

Based on the needs of startup’s customers and the product’s structure, we come up with feature ideas and lead the entire process of developing and testing of machine learning models inside your product.

Our experience from various industries help us to choose right analytics and Machine Learning solutions and apply it to your business.


Research shows that by 2020, most business buyers will depend on companies to know what they need before the ask for anything. This means having solid prediction capabilities with your AI will be the key to keeping your customers. (Salesforce)

Already 80% of executives surveyed view AI as a strategic opportunity (MIT Sloan Management Review).

The predicted sales figures confirm those estimations with International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasting that spending on AI and ML will grow from $12B in 2017 to $57.6B by 2021.

VCs already recognize this trend and allocate resources in startups offering AI based features. The investment in this field grew from $1.25B in 2013 to $5B in 2017 (Crunchbase).



High quality models

Due to our experience you don’t have to worry about the quality


More time

You can focus on growing your business while we develop AI features.


Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in 1 week



Due to our pace of work working with us will be cheaper than doing AI development in-house



You can create your internal team whenever you want


Lower price

WIth our training system we deliver great experts for a lower price


1. Needs assessment and brainstorming
In the first stage of our cooperation, we try to fully understand needs of the startup founders, their customers’ needs and their product. Based on those needs, along with startup owners we generate ideas for AI powered features.

2. In-depth database analysis and quote
Having general ideas about the directions in which we would like to go, we analyse the data generated by startup’s product and potential of external data. Once we get the full picture of the product’s and data architecture we can assess the time we need for finishing particular parts of the project.

3. Signing the deal
Once our quote is accepted, we are able to sign the deal.

4. Integrate data
The key step before we can create our models is to gather all necessary data from variety of sources (structured and unstructured) and prepare this data for the modeling stage.

5. Model creation
This is where the real fun begins. At this stage we create and test the algorithms that will be used in the final product

6. Visualization
This step is optional. In many cases companies need a way to display the insights from our models. In order to do that, we create custom business intelligence dashboards.

7. Integration and testing
At this stage we integrate our models and dashboards with the product and begin testing the service.

8. Production rollout
After carefully testing the solution, we roll it out to startup’s customers along with the startup founders.

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