A few articles ago we have already provided you with a better understanding of business intelligence and its most efficient practices. One of them was devoted exactly to using special tools. We didn’t go too deep into details, but now it is time to cover the topic of best data analytics BI tools. So, here is a list of the best data analytics BI tools you can take advantage of. Take a closer look — there are eight of them, so you will easily find something which will meet all your needs and requirements.

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1. Data Analytics and BI Tools: Tableau

When it comes to the best business intelligence software, Tableau is probably the first tool that comes to mind. And that’s logical! First of all, Tableau offers an amazing variety of products. It has a desktop, mobile, and embedded versions, is available online, and so on. The products can be used both by individuals and teams. Apart from this, Tableau is suitable for numerous industries, and its website provides enough examples and explanations regarding this.

The support here is great — there are a lot of manuals, videos, and guides, and you can always ask the community to help you. Even live training is available! The pricing for Tableau varies, but you can always try it for free to make sure it is the tool you were looking for.

Besides, Tableau is used by numerous international companies — with its help, Lufthansa increased its efficiency by 30%. In turn, PepsiCo manages to cut the analysis time by up to 90%.

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2. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is also considered to be one of the best data analytics BI tools. You can use it on your desktop or mobile gadget, the embedded version is offered too. Regarding the learning process, there are more than enough things to explore: videos, articles, etc. We found no options for live training, but you can always go for webinars or ask your question to the community.

The pricing depends on the package you choose, but the free trial is also here. So if you have any doubts — start with it.

Just like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI is also used by diverse well-known companies, such as Rolls-Royce, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, and others. Their cases can be found on the website, so check them out if you need some inspiration.

3. Data Analytics and BI Tools: Domo BI

For Domo BI there is no difference where your data is located — it gathers everything together, so the data is available on any device. At the same time, this tool guarantees a great level of security, and your data will never get into the wrong hands.

Like the above-mentioned data analytics BI tools, Domo BI allows business intelligence implementation for companies of different industries: manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, retail, e-commerce, etc.

As for the support, all the options are available. You can learn Domo BI yourself, attend virtual or on-site training, check the library, talk to the community, and so on. They also offer Domo BI consulting for those who are in search of something more specific.

With Domo BI you can use over 300 interactive chart types and more than 1,000 pre-built and custom data connectors. The pricing varies, but, as usual, you can try the platform for free.

4. Looker

Looker connects with Snowflake, Redshift, and other SQL dialects. In total, the platform supports over 50 of them, so you can easily connect to numerous databases. Apart from this, Looker supports hosting on public clouds.

Looker offers visualization software, embedded analytics, and diverse applications, such as digital marketing analytics and others. Numerous training is waiting for you here, but some of them are paid (for instance, live virtual training). However, you can still learn a lot for free — Looker provides enough guides. In case of extra questions, ask the community or get in touch with the support service.

The platform has already attracted over 1,700 customers. The pricing varies, but nonprofits and educators can count on special rates. To try Looker, request a demo on their website.

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5. Data Analytics and BI Tools: Google Data Studio

If you take a look at the website of Google Data Studio, you may think that it doesn’t really belong to the category “the best BI software”. But it’s not like that. Google Data Studio looks very simple, and this is its main benefit. It is perfectly suitable for those who want to join the world of business intelligence, but are not ready yet for loads of functions.

With this tool, you can visualize your data, connect to different data sources, share insights with your team, deal with reports, and accelerate the report creation process. Configurable tables and charts are provided, just like the built-in sample reports.

You won’t find an impressive variety of guides here, but that’s not a problem — Google Data Studio is very intuitive. Another advantage you should keep in mind is that this tool is free to use. At least, at the moment.

6. Qlik

If you choose Qlik as your business intelligence partner, you will get a complete platform for gathering insights from your data. You will be able to collect raw data and transform it into the information ready for analysis, enjoy the benefits of so-called augmented intelligence, share insights, and so on.

Actually, this tool doesn’t seem to be very different from Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, but its augmented intelligence feature makes it rather special. Considering community trends, user feedback, and other important factors, Qlik delivers more relevant insights.

The basic package can be tried for free, but if you need something more serious, you will have to pay. Diverse training options are provided, so you will be able to learn how to use Qlik.

7. Data Analytics and BI Tools: Sisense

Sisense is an end-to-end business intelligence platform covering the needs of diverse industries and departments. Perfectly suitable for business teams, product teams, and enterprises, this tool allows simplifying complex data from different sources. It is also possible to build interactive dashboards here and monitor them in real-time thanks to live connections to the data. By the way, dashboards can be accessed from any device.

Over 10,000 users and brands are already using Sisense, and you can join them. However, the pricing rates are not specified — they depend on certain factors, so you will have to contact Sisense to learn more. A free trial is available. And regarding the support, everything is okay here.

8. TIBCO Spotfire

Just like Qlik, TIBCO Spotfire offers augmented intelligence for your business. Besides, thanks to the multi-modal interface, you will be able to choose how exactly you want to interact with the data.

Product templates and example solutions are provided, so you can use them to speed up the process of making your business intelligent. Moreover, there are numerous ways to learn how to use TIBCO Spotfire: classroom and online training, interactive demos, videos, and so on.

The tool has several editions, so the pricing depends on the package you choose. But before you decide if you really want to use TIBCO Spotfire, you can try it for free. You will have 30 days on getting familiar with the tool on the desktop or in the browser.

The main mission of all these platforms is to transform your data into insights that enable fast and efficient decisions. But now you know a lot about the best business intelligence services and tools. You understand their nuances, so you can choose one of them and start using it. And you also know what to do in case you still have any extra questions. Let us be your business intelligence consultants — we will provide you with detailed answers and help you to make your company more successful.

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