Cookies policy

Policy on the use of cookies and other similar technologies

The website, as well as its subpages, hereinafter each referred to as the “Website”, use cookies (small text files that are operated by the Website and saved on your device) and other similar technologies (including local storage and tools from HotJar Ltd., Liido Oy such as Leadfeeder, Google Inc. such as Google Analytics). Cookie files and the indicated technologies will hereinafter be jointly referred to as “cookies”.

The entity using these tools is the website administrator, i.e. Addepto Sp. z o. o., with the address ul. Świeradowska 47, 02-662 Warsaw, Poland, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000729066, NIP: 5213824294, REGON: 380029839, share capital PLN 10.000 ( hereinafter: “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Addepto”).

Purpose of using cookies

The site uses the tools indicated for a variety of purposes, including:

• to ensure the security of the Website users’ data, including user authentication, protection against unauthorized access to data,

• to protect Us against spam,

• to monitor how users use the Website and save information about their preferences and choices in order to: (1) improve the functioning of the Website, adjust the display of the Website to devices, software and users’ preferences and the settings selected by them, (2) personalize the content offered, (3) targeting more relevant content to users via other websites.

Types of cookies used:

• analytical cookies that investigate user behavior on the Website;

• functional cookies that allow you to remember the settings selected by the user and their personalization (e.g. in terms of the selected language or acceptance of cookie settings);

• third party cookies – the devices used may also store cookies from other entities, marketing cookies used to adapt the displayed advertisements to your preferences. Our partners – Google Inc., Meta Inc., Hotjar Ltd. and Liidio Oy use cookies for advertising and remarketing purposes. They may use cookies to show users content, including advertisements, tailored to their preferences.

If you want to learn more about the use of data by out partners, you can visit their websites

Google Inc.

Meta Inc.

HotJar Ltd.


Cookies and personal data

Cookies and other tools we use are not used to process or store personal data and are not intended to directly identify you. They also do not change the user’s browser settings or change the configuration of the user’s device. Exceptional situations, when the data collected using cookies may be considered your personal data, as well as your related rights, are described in detail in the relevant part of the Privacy Policy.

Ways to disable cookies

By entering our Website, you have the option of consenting to the use of cookies other than those necessary for the proper functioning of the Website or services provided with their help. In particular, this applies to cookies used for marketing purposes and from third parties. Even if you have already given your consent, you can use the options described below to change this decision.

Each user can disable cookies in their web browser, and also set the browser in such a way that it will accept cookies each time (then the browser will ask the user for permission to grant this access each time before granting access to a cookie file). In order to facilitate the management of cookies, we present links to some browser pages below.

The use of these solutions gives the user control over what is on her/his device, but has the disadvantage of slowing down the ability to navigate on the Website and other websites, and may also limit some functions available on our Website.

You also have the option to disable the transfer of your data for analytical, statistical and marketing purposes using Google Analytics. For this purpose, you can install a web browser extension according to the instructions provided at this address:

Each user can opt out of receiving advertising targeted at him as follows:

• by using the NAI tool (, which will allow you to opt out of viewing targeted advertising from approved NAI member companies.

• via the Digital Advertising Alliance – DAA website (, which will allow you to opt out of viewing targeted advertising from approved DAA member companies,

• via the European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance website (, which will allow you to opt-out of viewing targeted advertising from approved EIADA member companies.