Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence services and systems are the core of every organization which empowers your daily reporting, operations, and insights sharing.

Our (BI) Business Intelligence Services will help you extract knowledge from your data, integrate it into (ETL) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and turn it into daily insights with interactive dashboards using such tools as Power BI, Tableau, or Looker.


Reliable data analysis and reporting will guide you to faster and more consistent growth, but they require delivery and support from an experienced partner. That’s where Addepto comes in.

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Our Business Intelligence services will help you to step into a data-driven world and modernize your existing business analytics systems and infrastructure.

business insights

We will help you to extract insights from the data you are collecting and turn it into profits and valuable information.

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Addepto provides companies with Business Intelligence services for data integration (ETL), in-memory analytics, and innovative reporting.

BI services

Addepto team of BI experts and consultants helps different size companies to gain a competitive advantage.

We increase operational profitability by successfully applying business intelligence tools and advanced data analytics to solve real business problems and gain insights.


You will work with experienced business intelligence (BI) implementation team to apply data management and data analytics using different platforms like Microsoft, Google, AWS, Oracle, and Open Source technologies.


In our projects, we are doing reporting using self-service tools that allow business users to be independent from IT departments.


In all Business Intelligence projects, a Data Warehouse or Data Lake is a critical part of the data processing ecosystem as it controls data integration and complex master data management processes.

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The better data integration, harmonization, and quality delivered – the more advanced, reliable, and insightful analysis is possible.

Our BI Services

data warehousing services

Data Warehousing

  • SQL Server

  • Azure Synapse

  • Oracle

  • AWS Redshift

  • Snowflake

business intelligence consulting services

Self-service BI

  • Power BI

  • Tableau

  • Qlik

  • Domo BI

  • Data Studio

  • Looker


Reporting automation

  • Power BI RS

  • Mickrostrategy

  • Cognos BI

  • Sisense




  • Druid
  • Cognos TM1

  • Hbase

ETL consulting



  • Stitch Data
  • IBM DataStage

  • Talend


Our Business Intelligence Services Partners

We provide companies all around the globe with reliable Business Intelligence Services using only trusted technologies. We use the open-source, on-premises, cloud, as well as commercially trusted technologies for our Business Intelligence, Big Data Consulting and Data Science Consulting.

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See for yourself how we solve business problems with the quantitative approach using Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics services.



We’ve helped a multinational software company to attract new customers and increase market share by implementing Data Science and Business Intelligence modules, which help end-users achieve their goals. Embedded Business Intelligence solutions help businesses users all around the world to make the right critical decisions and improve operations.

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We’ve helped a leading manufacturing company to enhance management efficiency by implementing an automated reporting system, which covered HR, operations, business, and sales processes. Addepto team has built Business Intelligence and analytics systems for decision support and management decision making.

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1) Gather requirments for Business Intelligence solution

At the very beginning of the project, our team will gather requirements from business departments, determine specific project approaches, solutions and Business Intelligence technology that will fit your organization best. After a joint workshop, we will define how we will help you to solve existing problems and improve your business performance by using Business Intelligence tools and analytics technology deployment.

2) Collect and integrate data from various data sources

After defining a business goal, our team will collect and integrate data from various sources (i.e. ERP, transactional databases, file systems, flat files, Excels) into one master database called data warehouse or big data file systems so you will be easily able to access and manipulate different types of information from one place.

3) Transform, clean, and prepare data

Collected and integrated data is transformed during the loading process into a database system (ETL), then prepared for exploration, ad-hoc analysis, and modeling. We implement highly scalable data processing scripts to aggregate, clean, and transform data into an appropriate format. After it, business users are able to analyze data, create ad-hoc sql queries, and be self-sufficient by using modern Business Intelligence tools.

4) Explore data and get insights

Together with business users, defined problems are solved through conclusions from the data exploration process using data mining techniques and Business Intelligence tools. Developed OLAP or Tabular solution will organize and help you to discover patterns in data. BI tools go beyond knowing what and when it happened – they can predict with the highest probability why it happened.

5) Data Visualization and Reporting

We create rich, visualized Business Intelligence dashboards and reports that facilitate sharing the most important information, and KPI’s inside or outside your organization. You will reduce user interactions and save time while the business intelligence system will do everything for you. It helps enterprises to make the right business decisions at the right time, and let you manage organizations consciously while improving performance KPI’s.

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