AI Discovery Workshop

Discover and conceptualize the use cases where AI will bring you new business opportunities.

Business benefits

AI Discovery Workshop Overview.
What can you expect?

AI Workshop Overview
Our team

Three main benefits of our AI workshop

AI conceptualization

AI is often shrouded in buzzwords, misconceptions, and uncertainties about its capabilities and implications. Our workshop aims to clarify these points, showcasing AI as a catalyst for business growth.

Expert guidance

Work alongside an experienced AI Engineer, AI Delivery Manager, and Business Expert who will provide insights, support, and expertise throughout the workshop.

Collaborative ideation

We will help you to evaluate the ideas’ feasibility, propose the adequate tech stack, and sketch a plan for PoC development and deployment.

What questions will be answered?

Security concerns

Comprehend the importance of compliance with regulatory frameworks and master best practices for developing secure, transparent AI solutions to protect sensitive information effectively.

AI deployment

Overcome deployment challenges and prioritize ongoing management and maintenance to ensure that AI solutions remain effective and aligned with business objectives.

Why should you attend the workshop?

We excel in various domains of AI, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Generative AI, Data Science, and Data Engineering.

This broad expertise ensures that workshop participants gain a holistic understanding of AI’s capabilities and how they can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

Whether you are looking to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, or drive innovation, our workshop provides the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage AI effectively.

AI Discovery Workshop framework

Gathering background info and engaging with key stakeholders

Our specialists gather essential information about the organization’s current state, including existing technologies and potential AI opportunities.

They work closely with key stakeholders to understand their perspectives, concerns, and expectations, ensuring alignment with the organization’s business goals.

Conducting workshops and interviews to uncover business objectives

During workshops, meetings, and interviews, we delve into specific technical challenges and business opportunities to identify processes that can benefit from custom AI solutions.

Defining AI use cases and prioritization

In this step, we collaboratively define and prioritize potential AI use cases, leveraging insights from the previous steps. This ensures a focused and strategic approach to AI implementation.

AI PoC Design

In the AI Discovery Workshop, you will achieve a tangible Proof of Concept (PoC) for AI applications in your business.

This workshop is designed to highlight the practical benefits of AI in solving specific business challenges unique to your company.

The PoC developed during this workshop serves as a valuable tool for understanding the impact of AI, demonstrating its potential to stakeholders, and paving the way for full-scale implementation.

Industry expertise

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We have helped one of the global retail & eCommerce companies to optimize their advertising strategies using AI, ML, and advanced ad targeting techniques

We enhanced the efficiency of operational tasks using image recognition technology.

Our team of experts leveraged AI technologies to develop algorithms that optimize spending timing, identify ideal channels and slots, and streamline the ad space bidding process. For implementing planograms, detecting signage, and automating inventory through shelf analysis, we utilized image recognition and computer vision technologies.

The outcomes include saving 60 hours of labor monthly, reducing advertising costs by 30%, and boosting the conversion rate by 5 p.p (from 16% to 21%). It also led to the sales increase in around hundred of thousand dollars.


Transforming shipping and logistics through AI and Machine Learning

Our team implemented AI algorithms for a comprehensive multivariate analysis of key logistic metrics.

Additionally, we established an advanced notification system to enrich user experience and improve communication the interactions between departments. This not only streamlined the daily tasks of employees but also significantly enhanced the efficiency of business decision-making.

This approach facilitated the company’s transition of their shipping and logistics into the digital era, ensuring ongoing optimization of logistics costs.





Key benefits

What you will gain?

Demystifying AI

Learn to distinguish between the perceived and actual capabilities and limitations of AI, setting realistic goals for its application in your organization, ensuring a well-grounded approach to its integration.

Competitive advantage

Discover how to use AI for a competitive edge, tailored to your company’s specific needs, unique goals and challenges.

The highest ROI

Identify processes in your organization where AI solutions can deliver the most significant measurable benefits.

Hands-on experience

Engage in real-world scenarios to learn how to implement AI strategies that directly address your business challenges.

FAQ about AI discovery workshop

Is the AI Discovery Workshop free?

It depends on the scope of the project we have agreed upon.

How long does the AI Discovery Workshop last?

It lasts from a few hours to two days.

What specialists make up the team leading the AI discovery workshop?

The team includes an AI expert (technical), an AI Delivery Manager (project management), and a Business Analyst (business).

How to prepare for the AI discovery workshops?

Before attending the workshop, we will provide you with a survey that will help us deliver the most valuable insights in the shortest possible time.

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