Innovation Management Tips and Tricks

Innovation Management Tips and Tricks Innovation is a modern buzz word, especially in the IT and marketing industry. Almost every market leader wants to be “innovative” and “perspective”. However, things get complicated when it comes to the implementation stage. All of a...

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Process Big Data in Everyday Work

Process Big Data in Everyday Work Nowadays, big data is literally everywhere. Most likely, your company utilizes it as well! In this article, we are going to show you some of the most important big data applications in everyday life and work. And there’s more! We will...

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Computer Vision in Healthcare

Computer Vision in Healthcare Last time, we talked about computer vision in the fintech industry. Today, we want to concentrate on various applications of this amazing technology in healthcare. In fact, computer vision is without a shadow of a doubt the next milestone...

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Computer Vision in Fintech

Computer Vision in Fintech If you are familiar with the computer vision (CV) technology, you are probably surprised by the title of this article. What has computer vision to do with finances and the fintech industry? After all, these are two completely different...

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Deep Learning Architecture

Deep Learning Architecture As you know from our previous article about machine learning and deep learning, DL is an advanced technology based on neural networks that try to imitate the way the human cortex works. Today, we want to get deeper into this subject. You...

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