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ContextClue is the AI-driven solution designed to revolutionize modern document research, report generation, and code migration.

By leveraging a robust API-first design, ContextClue seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure, enhancing the capabilities of your current knowledge management and communication tools by incorporating LLM into their workflows.

ContextClue collaborates with solutions such as Confluence, Slack, Google Drive, and MS Teams, enhancing them with:

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) empowered with annotation reading
  • Modern report generation based on customizable templates
  • Semantic search ready to understand context rather than just keywords
  • Code migration support enabling developers to easily re-create legacy code structures and functionalities and rewrite selected parts.

From technical documentation to legal contracts, ContextClue empowers your team to unlock insights, streamline workflows, and drive innovation across your knowledge base, including your code base.

By default, it uses GPT 3.5 Turbo. However, clients have full freedom to replace these LLMs with those that better suit their needs. ContextClue can work with both open-source and commercial LLMs.

ContextClue: The Industry-agnostic solution for efficient knowledge management

ContextClue is an industry-agnostic solution designed to be an asset in every company, as effective knowledge management is essential for all. By streamlining document research, code migration, and proposal creation processes, ContextClue reduces manual effort, narrows knowledge gaps, and improves productivity within any organization.

Industries that can gain the most from ContextClue include:


  • Streamlines code migration and technical documentation creation
  • Boosts productivity and reduces repetitive tasks

Finance & Insurance

  • Ensures precision in information retrieval and document analysis
  • Supports accurate and timely decision-making


  • Facilitates contract analysis
  • Reduces human errors
  • Enhances document management processes

Marketing & Sales

  • Generates reports and proposals specific to the company’s needs
  • Improves efficiency, accelerates processes, and smooths collaboration between departments

API-first architecture as the foundation of ContextClue interoperability

API-first architecture is an approach to building software systems where APIs are designed and developed as the foundation before other components. This strategy prioritizes the creation of well-defined, consistent, and reusable APIs that serve as the primary interface for applications and services.

This approach enables faster development, better scalability, and improved flexibility.

ContextClue uses FastAPI, a modern, high-performance web framework for building APIs with Python.

ContextClue works on the Client’s infrastructure, so data is as secure as the infrastructure itself; data never leaves the given environment, whether it is cloud-based or on local servers.

For maintenance purposes, we monitor the ContextClue logs but do not have access to the Client’s data.

There are two ways you can use ContextClue:

Business users can utilize ContextClue by integrating the solution with their everyday toolset, such as Slack, Confluence, or Jira, to increase their efficiency in tasks such as contract summarization, research, report generation, etc. In this case, ContextClue operates “on top” of currently used tools, integrates with them via API, and uses its own simple UI.

Technical users can utilize ContextClue with no UI to accelerate the development of their own LLM-based applications. In this case, ContextClue serves as an LLM framework, enabling developers to integrate chosen ContextClue features into their own tailor-made app without the need to develop everything from scratch.

What problem you can solve
with ContextClue?

Document Research

ContextClue serves as a research assistant, enabling users to accelerate the extraction and curation of key information spread across the entire organization. With ContextClue’s semantic search, QA features, and modern IDP enhanced with annotation reading, it accelerates and improves the accuracy of all knowledge management processes.

Learn more about ContextClue at

Code Migration

ContextClue simplifies the analysis and understanding of code repositories by identifying dependencies, recreating functionalities, and generating comprehensive technical documentation. With ContextClue, developers facing the challenge of code migration can accelerate their understanding of the codebase structure, gain deeper insights into its nuances, and even automate code generation.

Learn more about ContextClue at

Technical Documentation Generation

ContextClue streamlines the documentation process, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy by extracting insights directly from code repositories and combining them with manuals, specifications, guides, and other internal documents.

Learn more about ContextClue at

Report, Document, and Proposal Creation

Marketing, sales, finance, and legal teams can expedite document creation with ContextClue’s advanced text generation capabilities. ContextClue allows them to create custom document templates and automatically fill them with information extracted from the knowledge base, significantly smoothing out repetitive processes related to document generation.

Learn more about ContextClue at

Legal Contract Analysis

Legal teams can benefit from ContextClue’s contract analysis feature, which provides a quick understanding of legal agreements by summarizing essential points, risks, obligations, and rights. By highlighting critical information and offering insights, ContextClue empowers legal professionals to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Learn more about ContextClue at

Here are the most common ContextClue use cases:

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  • Contract Review & Analysis: ContextClue identifies key terms, conditions, potential risks, and discrepancies in contracts, helping legal teams assess contracts more efficiently.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The AI-driven extraction scans documents for relevant compliance information, facilitating easier monitoring of changing regulations.
  • Risk Management: The system flags high-risk clauses or contracts, enabling proactive issue mitigation.
  • Enhanced Search & Retrieval: ContextClue provides sophisticated search capabilities across vast document collections.
  • Audit & Due Diligence: The AI significantly reduces time and effort in gathering essential information during audits or due diligence processes”


  • Mortgage Processing: ContextClue automatically extracts and analyzes income details, asset information, loan terms, and property characteristics from applicant documents.
  • Financial Reports Analysis: The system scans and extracts specific data points like revenue figures, profitability metrics, and market trends from financial reports.
  • Invoice Processing: ContextClue uses OCR technology to extract essential details like invoice numbers, dates, billing amounts, and vendor information from invoices.
  • Receipt Recognition: The system captures and categorizes transaction details from receipts, organizing the extracted data automatically


  • Medical Records Digitization: ContextClue converts handwritten or printed medical records into machine-readable text.
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement: The AI identifies gaps in medical records and suggests improvements.
  • Medical Billing Processes: The system simplifies the assignment of appropriate medical codes, speeding up billing and reducing errors.
  • Drug Interactions & Allergies: ContextClue analyzes patient records to identify potential drug interactions and allergies.
  • Clinical Trials Data Extraction: The AI expedites drug development and regulatory approval processes by extracting and summarizing clinical trial data”

Finance & Insurance

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Key benefits

How ContextClue benefits your business


By streamlining document research, code migration, and proposal creation processes, ContextClue reduces manual effort, narrows knowledge gaps, and enhances productivity within the organization.


By harnessing semantic search empowered with conversational capabilities, ContextClue ensures precision in information retrieval, document analysis, and knowledge management, minimizing errors and enhancing decision-making processes.


From technical teams to sales departments, ContextClue processes all kinds of formats, files, and text data, including software code, adapting to diverse use cases and delivering value across the organization.


With its API-first approach, ContextClue seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and systems, maximizing efficiency and scalability without the need for infrastructure remodeling.

ContextClue - FAQ

What services will ContextClue be integrating with?
What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?
How long does it take to integrate ContextClue with the Client’s infrastructure?

What services will ContextClue be integrating with?

Interoperability is ContextClue’s main advantage, so the list of tools it integrates with is constantly evolving. Currently, it integrates by default with Slack and MS Teams. Integrations with Confluence, Jira, Box, GDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are in progress. It is worth noting that it is possible to build a custom API integration with the client’s chosen tech stack.

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) refers to the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the processing of documents and unstructured data.

How long does it take to integrate ContextClue with the Client’s infrastructure?

It all depends on the chosen LLM:

  • Open-source LLM: Integration may take a few hours as the LLM must be downloaded and set up.
  • Commercial LLM: Integration takes just a few minutes as there is a ready-to-use API.

There are no obstacles for the client to integrate ContextClue on their own, yet we recommend using our deployment service to ensure the process is smooth.

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