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Computer Vision and AI solutions in Retail

Our machine learning agency helped one of the global retail companies to optimize online ad spending using text mining and increase the effectiveness of the operational activities (process automation) using image recognition and computer vision. Advanced AI algorithms were deployed to minimize costs and automate workflow using Machine Learning.

Machine Learning services and Analytics in Finance

Using the classification Machine Learning model and self-service BI we helped a financial service company to optimize its pricing policy. The model takes into consideration customer behavior, payments and in-app activity data and adjusts pricing depending on the customer’s financial profile.

AI and Data Engineering in Logistics

We’ve helped a logistics company to make the right business-critical decisions using a full range of information. We integrated data from multiple systems (ETL) into Enterprise Data Warehouse and implemented predictive models on top of that. The logistics route was optimized and the right business decisions were made thanks to deployed analytics systems.

Data Engineering & Machine Learning in Manufacturing

We’ve helped a leading manufacturing company to enhance management efficiency by implementing an automated reporting system with Data Warehouse, which covered HR, operations, business, and sales processes. Addepto team has built Business Intelligence and analytics systems for decision support and management decision making.

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Machine Learning agency for enterprises

Artificial Intelligence is by far one of the most praised trends having a significant impact on companies regardless of their scale and industry. And no wonder. It enables them to use the full potential of data they already have and - based on them - make smarter decisions on a daily basis.

As AI and Machine Learning are not technology per se but rather a set of technologies aiming at teaching computers how to handle multiple heterogeneous and sometimes abstract data simultaneously, the AI benefits are almost limitless and depend on the exact implementation.

At Addepto, we specialize in delivering custom-made AI solutions and Machine Learning services tailored to meet even the most niche industries.

Using Deep Learning solutions within machine learning services

Deep Learning (DL) is one of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence. Its main feature is providing the systems with the ability to improve themselves without being explicitly programmed. Focusing on features that can access data and use it to look for patterns and make better decisions, allows for improving customer satisfaction, increasing sales, reducing manual labor, eliminating risks, making predictive analyses, and so on.

Similar to AI, Deep Learning benefits are different depending on the data we have and the goals we set.

There are a variety of DL solutions that can be tailored to different business needs, and at Addepto we help you choose the best.

Building data platforms to examine vast amounts of data

Data platform building is a sophisticated service based on the process of examining vast amounts of data.

Big data is an umbrella term covering a set of technologies, tools, and strategies aiming to gain meaningful insights from collected data, often unstructured and multi-sourced data.

With Big Data techniques, such as streaming applications, Data Lakes and Delta Lakes, Big Data Processing, and Data Integration, companies gain the ability to make data-driven decisions at all levels: product development, pricing, marketing, operations, HR, etc.

Using Generative AI in Business

Generative AI (Gen AI) refers to artificial intelligence models that can generate new content, such as text, images, audio, or code, based on the training data they have ingested.

These models use deep learning techniques to understand patterns in the data and then generate novel outputs that resemble the training data in style and content.

The key benefits of generative AI include increased productivity, cost savings, and the ability to create highly customized content at scale. However, it is crucial to ensure responsible deployment, address potential biases in training data, and maintain human oversight for critical applications.

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