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AI-driven Document Generation on AWS infrastructure

Industry: Private aviation

Check out our case study and discover how we implemented an intelligent system for creating aviation documentation integrated with client’s infrastructure.


Advanced AI System for Seamless Bottle Recycling

Industry: Sustainable Recycling

Check out how our AI integration optimized company’s recycling machines with advanced computer vision sensors, enabling precise material identification.


AI for real estate: Automated Document Verification

Industry: Real Estate

Discover how Addepto’s innovative custom AI platform automates document verification, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy—click to explore the full case study!





Streamlining Manufacturing: 30% Reduction in Manual Work with AI

Industry: Manufacturing

Learn how advanced Visual System and predictive AI modules enabled Woodward to reduce manual labor, cut costs, and enhance testing life cycles—read the full case study here!





Product traceability in manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution:  A complex Data Lake system based on AWS for product traceability.

Benefits: Improved Operation Transparency, Increased Customer Confidence, Enchanced Product Quality

Check out the full case study to discover more details!


Demand Forecasting Case Study: Parcel Delivery

Industry: Parcel Delivery

See how Addepto’s advanced AI solutions enhance supply chain management by forecasting sales and setting optimal prices based on comprehensive data analysis—learn more in the full case study!


LLM-based Assistance Bot to enhance airport operations

Industry: Aviation

Solution: An LLM-based Assistance Bot based on GPT-4, LLamaIndex, and advanced Face Recognition algorithms.

Benefits: Enhances overall safety and predictability of airport operations,  Sets a new industry standard in air transport


Case Study: Incremental AWS Migration

Industry:  SaaS Business

Uncover the success story: transitioning from fixed costs to dynamic “pay as you go” AWS cloud strategy, enhancing data flow, fault tolerance, and overall infrastructure!


Case Study: Text Summarization with the OpenAI API

Find out how we harnessed OpenAI’s GPT models to create advanced summarization and question-driven tools—dive into our case study!


Case Study: Implementing an MLOps Platform for Seamless Transition from Concept to Deployment

Industry: Education

The Addepto platform streamlined the deployment process, minimized development and production environment discrepancies, and expedited the transition from concept to full-scale production. Click to discover more benefits for business!


Automated image quality detection engine for retail

Industry: Retail

We developed a computer vision engine utilizing state-of-the-art VGG algorithms to effectively detect and evaluate image quality. Check out the full case study!





Data classification in energy technologies

Industry: Energy

Solution: Automated data type detection & transformation

Benefits for business: The company’s software now automatically detects data types and transforms data. This automation accelerates client acquisition by ensuring smooth, error-free data collection, allowing new clients to immediately understand the value they can gain from business insights.


Enhancing Data Infrastructure to Improve Business Analytics

Industry: Healthcare

Find out how new data warehouse, integrated with business intelligence components, enables Purple Lotus to achieve seamless data integration and informed decision-making—explore the full case study here!


Upgrading AI into the production-ready stage with microservice-based MLOps

Industry: Professional Services

Before: The company aimed to enhance their AI algorithm to a production-ready standard.

After: MLOps enables the company to monitor and optimize Machine Learning models in production, ensuring efficient mail delivery to end-users by keeping up with mail providers’ requirements.




Audit and future-proof,
scaleable dataflows

Industry: Technology

Learn how the integration of audit and consultation services boosts ETL practices and drives cost optimization—read the complete case study here!


Unified Supply Chain Management

Industry: Mining & Metal

Addepto team built a comprehensive AI-driven engine enriched with predictive modeling that allows the company to efficiently manage its shipping schedule and inventory.



Improving internal processes at the airports

Industry: Aviation

Solution: Intelligent Tracking System dedicated to luggage recognition, Digital Twin to grasp the overall happenings in the airports

Read now and explore the full solution details in our case study!



Compliance analysis at Retail

Industry: Retail

Check out how Addepto’s experts designed a store signing compliance analysis system, empowering Spencer’s managers to streamline retail audits, reduce time, and lower operating costs—explore the full case study now!




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