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Discover new opportunities to develop your product using AI consulting services and boost business outcomes with customized solutions

Addepto will develop AI-driven services that will enable your company to take full advantage of the gathered data. Thanks to AI Consulting, you will gain valuable business insights that will lead to the automatization of processes and an increase in revenue.

AI Consulting Services

Addepto offers a unique AI consulting service which will help you realize how many opportunities come from implementing AI solution into your business. Artificial Intelligence influences most of the industries, among the most popular are: retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, marketing, and gaming sector.

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Our team develops customized AI solutions basing on recent technologies such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive analytics, Image Recognition, Recommendation Engines, Smart Search Engines, and many more.

The biggest advantages of AI and Machine Learning are self-learning capabilities and scalability – it gives SaaS applications the ability to use algorithms for thousands of customers. Due to the fact that AI learns the history of all users, it gives amazing opportunities for the Marketplace. One of the examples is using a recommendation system based on the preferences of each individual person.

Addepto uses advanced AI algorithms, such as Random Forest, XGboost, Support Vector Machines (SVM). For tasks including Image or Text processing – Deep Learning algorithms are now very successful. Some of them are Convolution Neural Networks and Recurential Neural Networks. Thanks to automatically choosing the most important features, AI Solutions can help solve the most difficult challenges of your business.

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Addepto AI Consulting Services Include:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence (AI), designed and created to enable computers to have the ability to self-learned without being programmed. With some of our pre-trained models and custom model deployment tailored to your data and business problem we ensure that developed solutions are fast and scalable. We deploy ML solutions for customer analytics, predictive maintenance, anomaly/fraud detection, time series modelling and many more.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning techniques allows to develop powerful and intelligent different type of neural network models that automatically represents complex data. Deep Learning is used implement solutions for image segmentation, signal classification, medical image diagnostics, language processing, generative modeling, and more. Our team of deep learning consultants and engineers with PhD degree has extensive experience in a variety of techniques and industries.

Advanced analytics

Addepto Advanced Analytics services helps companies to design strategies that turns their data into a benefits and competitive advantage. Our Advanced Analytics practice is supported by our Data Science experts who are highly skilled in algorithms and data analytics and are holding with advanced degrees in fields like statistics, mathematics and computer science. They are experienced to apply state-of-the-art techniques, tools and technology to ensure that our customers extract right and useful insights from their data.

Data Visualization

At Addepto we strongly believe that data visualization is a part of any advanced analytics, data science or machine learning project. It allows users immediately detect trends, track KPI’s, identify anomalies and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands in different timeframes. We build tailored data visualization solutions so they answer business questions of a particular business unit in the company.

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Predictive analytics

Advanced Analytics

Speech analysis

Data Visualization



AI Consulting – Related Case Studies

Risk graph by Addepto


We’ve helped a leading manufacturing company to enhance management efficiency by implementing an automated reporting system, which covered HR, operations, business, and sales processes. Addepto team has built Business Intelligence and analytics systems for decision support and management decision making.

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Mobile data by Addepto


We helped a mobile gaming company to increase IAP, LTV, and retention using artificial intelligence-driven technology. We implemented analytics in mobile gaming, transformed big data into an appropriate format, implemented fraud detection, and applied machine learning-based tools enabling our client to predict customer lifetime value (CLV), as well as customer churn. Through Modern Data Warehouse and BI implementation, we achieved data monetization.

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Learn More About AI Consulting, Solutions, Applications and Implementation

Addepto specializes in developing advanced machine learning-driven algorithms and tools that enable companies from different industries to implement AI technology to the existing software. Our team has years of experience in AI consulting and finding innovative solutions to grow customer’s business. Learn from our experts on our blog.

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How We Work

Discover and feasibility study

Building a prototype

Integration into existing system or product building

Production deployment


Our AI developers, consultants and architects use the best tools and technologies available on the market. We are strongly committed to open source technologies so our customers do not have to pay additional fees after implementations.

Google Cloud System
scikit learn

Why Work With Us – Top AI Consulting Company


High quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality thanks to our expertise


Increased efficiency

We implement solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operational costs


Start in 1 week

We can assign experts to your project in as short as 1 week



Creating own AI departments might be a big investment for the future


Finished Projects


Experienced Data Science engineers


Lines of code


Proprietary algorithms created


Industries served

We will determine a specific project approach, AI consulting, and tools that will solve particular business problems and will fit your organization's infrastructure and architecture. During a joint workshop, we will define what is the best way to deploy AI consulting to your organization and with what kind of deployment you want to start with.

Trust Is A Foundation For A Great AI Consulting Applications

Our customers from various industries usually cooperate with Addepto for many years. Together we are trying to achieve strategic goals and build innovative products based on data science. It's all because we make a commitment to stay a trusted AI Consulting partner. It means that we work as an extension of our client’s team, stay close to its needs rather than work just as an outsourcing agency.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Addepto team, the company can now craft more effective business strategies using the data that the solution provides them."

Przemysław Piekarz

Sales Analysis Manager, InPost

"Addepto is a rapidly developing company, that observes the latest technological trends and takes full advantage of it. They offer an individual approach to each client and are open to new challenges."

Bobby Newman

VP Engineering, J2 Global

"Addepto’s technical expertise led to the delivery of an innovative and efficient solution. Their proactiveness was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement."

Paweł Żelazko

Head of IT, SMEO S.A.

We were ranked among top AI Consulting companies on Clutch

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