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Case Study I

We’ve helped a leading manufacturing company enhance management efficiency by implementing an automated reporting and demand prediction system, with predictive maintenance capabilities.


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Solution: Addepto AI consultants have developed and created a system that helps managers and operation leaders to make the right decision on the costs and demand planning. Predictive maintenance solution is predicting when a particular production machine needs to be checked and potentially replaced.

Benefits: one integrated data platform. Yearly savings of around 10m $ on right demand planning and inventory management. Continues production process and prevention from machine failures which are resulting in millions of dollars.

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Case Study II

We’ve helped one of the global retail & e-commerce companies to optimize advertising processes using AI, ML, and ad targeting. We increased the effectiveness of the operational activities using image recognition.

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Solution: Using advanced AI technologies our consultants created algorithms that help to find the best time to spend, identify the right channels and slots, and automate bidding for ad space. Image recognition and computer vision technologies were used for planogram execution, signing detection, and inventory automation using shelf analysis.

Benefits: 60 hours of labor saved each month. 30% advertising cost decrease and improving conversion rate by 5 p.p (from 16% to 21%) that led to the sales increase in around hundred of thousand dollars.

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