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May 08, 2020

AI and Machine Learning in Gaming – Innovative Solutions & New Opportunities


Kaja Grzybowska

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The gaming market is growing rapidly in recent years and will most likely continue to expand. Experts predict that by 2025 it may become a $300 billion industry. As the number of gaming enthusiasts is increasing, companies operating in the game market are doing their best to both develop products as well as customer experience. That is why AI and machine learning solutions are becoming popular topics in the gaming industry.

Artificial intelligence-driven solutions and machine learning tools can potentially have a huge impact on various aspects of the gaming sector. ML algorithms can dynamically respond to player actions. AI tools such as chatbots can be of great assistance to players, eliminating waiting for an answer, and providing suitable information.

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A lot of companies are already investing in data analytics. You can also be ahead of competitors using AI and machine learning technology in the gaming industry. Learn more about our innovative solutions from one of our case studies – mobile gaming.

Let’s analyze some of the most effective solutions which can boost business outcomes in the gaming sector.

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AI and Machine Learning in gaming – solutions

Identifying toxic players

Natural Language Processing enables computers to communicate with humans in their language. Computers are can now read texts, hear speech, then interpret it, and choose the important parts.

NLP techniques are very efficient in analyzing chat messages in order to find correlations, relationships with players, and spot their toxic behavior. Computers thanks to NLP technology are able to accurately analyze more language-based data than humans with amazing speed.

Hacked accounts detection

Every activity of a player leads to predictions of future behavior. It is data which after processing can be of great value for a company. Machine learning algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data (structured and unstructured) and drive conclusions out of it.

By using the appropriate ML algorithms, we can analyze the current and past activity of a particular player and automatically detect if the player’s behavior has changed over time.

As a result, we can track an odd behavior of a particular player faster, and analyze whether the account has not been hacked.

AI Chatbots – providing users with automated in-game support

Users enjoy games which change with time, enable new functions, and improve existing ones. While new patches are being introduced and the game is generally developing some players get confused and need assistance.

Providing each player with individual support is time-consuming and most often impossible taking into consideration the number of players. This is where artificial intelligence-driven chatbots turn out to be highly efficient.

AI chatbots will automate most of user support tasks. A specially designed system will first automatically classify messages from players and provide them with suitable solutions. Your customers will not have to wait in a queue to get the help they need. In some unique cases when a player will face unusual difficulties, the AI system will contact them with the right expert.

Human-like playtesting

After creating a new game level, running numerous tests is necessary to ensure it works smoothly and will be well received by players. The process of testing is usually carried out by game designers who spend plenty of time on each game level.

Artificial intelligence offers a more efficient solution. The AI-based system is now able to test levels in the game basing on the players’ behavior. Thanks to machine learning technology, the system will run tests of different game levels quicker than humans. Among others, it will analyze particular levels of win ratio by the average number of moves.

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AI and Machine Learning in gaming – new opportunities

Item shop recommendation

Most games offer a wide variety of extra features available to buy. Those In-App purchases are an important source of income for companies operating in the gaming sector.

To increase the number of purchases and at the same time boost the profits of a company, it is necessary to apply recommendation engines. It helps players to find features that match their interests and shortness the searching time. Users who are satisfied with their purchase are more likely to buy more in the future.

Recommendation engines pick suitable products for a particular user basing on already purchased products, purchases of similar players, and their behavior in the game.

Tuning game difficulty

Shorty speaking – detecting when games become too easy or too difficult.

To keep players interested in the game, it is important to keep a relevant level of difficulty. Otherwise, users can get bored or frustrated and as a result, quit playing.

Artificial intelligence technology offers a solution to this issue – an automatic tuning of difficulties. The level of difficulty will automatically adjust to the skills of a particular player. This solution will definitely improve the player’s experience.

Predicting the player’s next move

After careful observation of a player’s previous steps, it is possible to predict the next activity of a particular player. Some actions become much more likely to happen than others.

Having that knowledge, it is easier to personalize the offer, messages, and recommend the right products. Users will for sure appreciate a personal approach and will be eager to keep on playing and investing in such games.

Gender & age recognition based on app usage behavior

This AI-driven solution is especially helpful in filling in the missing data. It enables an automatic segmentation based on the behavior of players, taking into consideration their gender and age. That information is usually gathered for example from Facebook or other social media platforms.

The machine learning system will compare users in terms of their behavior and automatically fill in the missing data. Thanks to the obtained information, companies can analyze their target group and personalize the offer.

Player type segmentation

A machine learning algorithm enables the automatic segmentation of players based on various sets of features. They create clusters of different players.

This solution enables companies to analyze customer behavior more accurately. As a result, business leaders can make effective decisions that will accelerate the development of the company.

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AI and Machine Learning in gaming – conclusion

Investing in machine learning services for the gaming industry is highly valuable. Artificial intelligence technology turns out to be highly effective in various stages, from game development to increasing customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are now able to automate various processes, observe and analyze user behavior, and most importantly, extract business forecasts from them.

If your company operates in the gaming industry and you would like to implement some of the solutions mentioned above, start with AI Consulting. This way you will find out which innovations might be the most efficient for your business.

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