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December 16, 2018

9 Reasons why Power BI is the Best Tool for Data Analysis


Edwin Lisowski

CSO & Co-Founder

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Earlier, we wrote about why you should consider Power BI as a Business Intelligence tool in your organization. Now we will describe the reasons why Power BI is the best tool for business and data analytics and ad-hoc data analysis! Power BI compared to other tools have many advantages and is very simple to use. End users do not need to have a technical knowledge and skills to create advanced reports and dashboards.

Check out below 9 reasons why Power BI will be useful in your organization for data analysis, ad-hoc reporting, insights sharing and organizational collaboration.

Power BI for data analysis

1) Interactive visualizations and easy integration with MS tools

Power BI brings great value thanks to amazing visualizations and interactive dashboards that provide a consolidated view of your company’s performance. For the analyst in the heart, Power Business Intelligence Services Desktop provides a free canvas for drag and drop navigation, a very extensive library of interactive visualizations and simple creation of reports and quick publishing in the Power BI service. Power BI gives you also opportunity to create custom more advanced vizualizations. Because Microsoft Power BI is part of the Microsoft business product suite, for users is offered close integration with other popular Microsoft business products and tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Azure, and SQL Server.

power bi dashboard


2) Unlimited access to local data (on-premises) and data in the cloud

Power BI stores all local information and data in the cloud in one centralized location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can also use pre-built links to improve data import from solutions such as Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics and many more.

Additionally you are able to connect to different types of on-premises data storages such as SQL Server, Oracle or Hadoop. It also have pre build connectors to such cloud storages as Google BigQuery or all storages from Azure offering.

3) Power BI Pro gives you instant access to reports and dashboards for it’s data analysis

Power BI lets you share desktops and reports with the right people, anywhere in the world. The system also provides flexibility because it works with leading operating systems – Windows, iOS and Android.

Alerts will notify you of any updates or changes to the data, so you can immediately analyze the most important KPI’s and take strategic action.

4) Unlimited integration of Power BI Emebedded and the ability to embed in a third party application

The creators of Microsoft Power BI assured that their system can be embedded in any software ecosystem. Evidence of this are numerous connections with popular third-party software and Microsoft visualization


As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is constantly working to extend the connectivity of this system, enabling users to import even more databases and data sources.

5) Secure sharing of reports and data analysis

Thanks to the Microsoft Power BI service, users can publish their reports and visualizations directly on the Internet and send them in e-mails. It can be available to any interested person. Access to reports can be limited for a particular person, even one report can be available to all persons in the organization, but the presented data can be limited for a particular group of people. For example, sellers from Boston have access only to sales data in Boston, while the company’s CEO has access to sales throughout the USA.

Interactive executive sales dashboard power bi

6) Excellent data modeling capabilities in Power BI Data Modeling

Data modeling is one of the functions that is used to connect multiple data sources in a BI tool using relationships. The relationship defines how data sources are connected to each other and based on these data valuable visualizations can be created.

With the data modeling function, you can create custom calculations on existing tables. The results of these calculations can be directly presented in Power BI visualizations.

7) More data sources

Power BI can connect with 60+ popular solutions that nowadays companies often use. For example Spark, Hadoop, SAP. Users do not have to model data in their source systems, data can be integrated directly with the Power BI engine. The system is also compatible with the leading operating systems – Windows, iOS and Android.

8) You do not need programming knowledge for ad-hoc analysis

For analysts often performing ad-hoc analyzes, Power BI can facilitate everyday work. Simple data analysis, fast and dynamic calculations and huge visualization possibilities will save your time during performing ad-hoc analyzes.

9) Access to a solid base of educational materials on

Microsoft has a recognizable and intuitive interface that does not require a lot of time to adopt it. A very strong knowledge base has been built for users. Tutorials, videos, presentations and blogs are available to new users to maximize the tool’s potential and find quick solutions of problems by themselves.

Let’s also not forget about a million users in the Microsoft community, where users exchange experiences and look for answers to their questions.


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