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May 01, 2019

A reliable Artificial Intelligence Consulting partnership: 10 tips and life hacks


Edwin Lisowski

CSO & Co-Founder

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Artificial intelligence or AI, if short, is one of the hottest and discussed trends nowadays. Logically, more and more companies are looking for an AI partner to join the Fortune 1000 group, stay at their place in the sun or, at least, to survive. And, probably, you have already had the same thoughts. But is there a reliable way to find an AI partner for enterprise? We say — yes. Obviously, it is not the simplest challenge ever, but our tips are here to help you. Follow them to establish a reliable Artificial Intelligence consulting partner and to reach your goals.

1. Don’t be afraid of outsourcing AI partners

People often think that having an in-house team is much better and more efficient than outsourcing. However, you shouldn’t underestimate outsourcing when looking for a machine learning for startups or fortune 1000.

First of all, an in-house team of AI experts may cost you loads of funds, while outsourcing is more cost-effective.

Secondly, outsourcing gives you flexibility. You won’t have to stick to a certain location — the entire world full of potential AI partners will be open to you. And thirdly, an external provider can have much more experience and skills than those in-house ones which you can try to cooperate with.

2. Work on a roadmap together with Artificial Intelligence consulting partner

Creating a roadmap can be pretty challenging, but things can get much easier if you involve your AI partner in this process. If you work on it together, a data science services company will help you to understand what things to consider. So the roadmap itself will be much more trustworthy.

As a result, it will be easier to avoid confusion. Both you and your AI partner will have a complete understanding of the strategic plans and flow of the project.

3. Accessibility is a must

Data security is another modern concern, but if you want your product to succeed, you will have to share your data with an external team of experts. Otherwise, you can forget about all the benefits of getting an AI partner — even the most experienced and famous company won’t be able to help you in case you keep all the data in secret.

However, it is also important to make sure that an AI partner completely understands, that the provided data is still yours — they only use it to work on a project. When establishing cooperation, discuss this point in detail to avoid any misunderstanding and, as a result, problems.

4. Over-communication is better than a misunderstanding

To reach your goals, you have to ensure that your AI partner has a complete understanding of the project and knows what you want. Provide your partner with a clear vision of the project, engage employees in the discussions, and communicate whenever it is possible. Even the tiniest change should be discussed, otherwise, in the end, you can get not a product of your dream, but something else.

And don’t be afraid to over-communicate with your partner — when it comes to outsourcing work and AI-driven products, it is better to discuss the same things a couple of times than to forget something important.

5. Find someone who will motivate you to move forward

To evolve, you should find an AI partner that will continuously push you, challenge you and motivate you to move further, especially after you leave your comfort zone. Such a partnership is not only about building a product — it should be another cycle of evolution for both companies. A really reliable partner always knows what stage of the project you are at, and does its best to inspire you for the next steps. And if a company you are going to cooperate with plans only to do what you say, and nothing else, it is better to start searching for someone else. A solid and trustworthy partner will challenge you all the time — remember this.

6. Data security is an absolute must

Before we told you that you should make your data accessible for your partner. That’s true, and you should always keep this in mind. However, data security is still a must — it should be a part of your culture! Spend some time and money on training your employees and carefully manage data risks when working on your product.

And, obviously, your AI partner should do the same. Otherwise, all your efforts focused on data security can go sideways only because your partner failed to protect the data from hackers.

7. Use existing solutions which are proposed by Artificial Intelligence consulting partner

An experienced AI partner should understand that in most cases there is no need to develop something absolutely new and special — it is much easier and faster to combine a custom AI solution with an existing one.

Moreover, this little trick will also save your budget from extra expenses. Discuss with your partner this opportunity, and if it does its best to induce you to develop a solution from scratch without adequate reasons for doing so, you should probably choose another company.

8. Your technology stack must be up-to-date

Data mining, data extraction, data cleansing and data science — you will have to go through all these processes. And to get the desired results, you have to make sure that the tools and technologies you use are up-to-date. Don’t hope that your AI partner and its external analytics department will do everything for you — you should also take part!

So invest some funds in the latest solutions, get to know how to use them, and start working. However, you can always consult with your partner regarding what tools and technologies to choose.

9. Ask questions to Artificial Intelligence consulting partner to become better

Don’t be afraid to ask your AI partner about things you are not really good at. We have already mentioned an example in the previous paragraph — about the technology stack. If you have any doubts, just ask a question, and that’s it! A reliable partner’s deep learning consultants and machine learning consultant will definitely help you to make the right decision, so your project will continue developing in the right direction.

10. Remember, that your final destination is the solution of the problem

Previously, we have said that your partner should have a clear vision of the project. That’s right, but the main thing a company should focus on is the problem’s solution, Any product must solve some kind of a problem, and yours is not an exception. Your partner must understand what problem your product is going to solve, and keep this solution in mind. That’s the destination of your cooperation, while building models and discussing diverse tools are something like supporting processes. And in case a potential partner doesn’t keep that problem in mind, it is time to change a company.

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And the last thing — a reliable AI consulting partner will provide you with its experience in different industries and its expertise. If a company is not ready to do this, start looking for someone else. And in case you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you.

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