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June 22, 2021

Calculate Customer Churn Prediction ROI. See Results of Machine Learning Implementation (update: June 2021)


Artur Haponik

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Many companies use statistical models to optimize their activities. An example of this type of models are scoring systems used in banks in assessing creditworthiness, models used to optimize the activities of debt collection companies, models optimizing direct marketing or used in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Such models are often called predictive models because they allow prediction (forecast) of future customer behavior. In this article we would like to introduce to you Customer Churn prediction and it’s ROI calculator.

What is Customer Churn?

Customer churn is one of the most important metrics for evaluating a growing business. Customer churn is the percentage of customers who have stopped using your company’s product or service for a certain period. However, the definition of ” customer churn ” differs for different industries. For an e-commerce or telecommunications company, this means losing customers, while for a subscription-based business, churn means losing subscribers. And so, the churn rate may be calculated by dividing the number of customers lost over a particular time by the number of customers acquired and then multiplying that number by 100 percent.

customer churn

“Churn rate is a health indicator for businesses whose customers are subscribers and paying for services on a recurring basis.” – Alex Bekker, Head of data analytics department at ScienceSoft. [1]

What is Customer Churn Prediction ROI?

Customer churn prediction ROI means determining which customers can opt-out of a product or subscription to a service, depending on how they use it. This is an important forecast for many businesses because attracting new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Therefore, using advanced artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning (ML), you will be able to predict potential outflows that are going to abandon your services.

Customer Churn Prediction ROI with Machine Learning

The basic feature of machine learning is the creation of systems capable of finding patterns in data and learning from them without explicit programming. In the context of customer churn prediction ROI, these are characteristics of online behavior that show a decrease in customer satisfaction with the use of the company’s services/products. The total amount of work done by data scientists to develop machine-learning-based algorithms that can predict customer churn ROI may look like this:

machine learning

Defining the problem and the final goal

Firstly, it is important to understand what ideas you need to get as a result of the customer churn prediction. At the very beginning, data scientists should determine which questions to ask and, as a result, which type of machine learning problem to solve: for instance, classification or regression.

ROI goal
Classification is used to identify which class or category a data point belongs to (in our case, the client). Customer churn prediction ROI, on the other hand, can be represented as a regression problem. On the other hand, regression analysis is a statistical method for determining the connection between a target variable and other data values that impact the target variable, which is expressed as continuous values.

Creating a data collection

The next step of customer churn prediction ROI using machine learning is to define the data sources that will be used in the next stage of the simulation. In most cases, you get data from: [1]

  • CRM platforms (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365)
  • Marketing/Analytics services (Google Analytics, AWStats)
  • Comments on social media/reviews/blog pages
  • Feedback provided on demand

Data preparation and preprocessing

After that, the historical data must be converted to machine-learning friendly format. The main goal here is to verify that all discrete units of information are collected using the same logic, and the overall data collection is consistent.

Modeling and testing

This is when a churn prediction ROI machine learning model is created. Several churn prediction models are often trained, configured, and tested to determine which is the best in terms of speed and accuracy. Moreover, they can represent logistic regression, decision trees, random forests, or any other algorithms that are acceptable.

Deployment and monitoring

This is the final stage of the churn prediction ROI using machine learning. The chosen model must be put into production. Finally, the model can be integrated into existing software or become the foundation for a new application.

Monitoring customer churn

Customer churn and retention using predictive modeling and AI

Predictive models can predict the chance of occurrence of any phenomenon or the fact that it occurs: failure to repay, accident, customer departure or purchase. In fact, the use of the predictive model to support decisions in comparison to the application of common sense rules or those proposed by the expert gives a profit of 10-30% greater.

AI prediction

Customer churn and retention decrease are a very important problems in most of the industries nowadays. To solve these issues, it’s very important to analyze each customer and predict their future behaviour. Therefore, machine Learning techniques are able to discover patterns in your customer data and apply those insights to predict churn, which well helps to retain more customers. More and more companies are starting to implment machine learning and AI for customer retention management.

At Addepto we have prepared ROI calculator which will show how much return on AI investment you could get. Use below Customer Churn Prediction ROI calculator to estimate how much you could save by leveraging Artificial Intelligence with use of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Customer churn prediction software and it’s ROI

Churn prediction software and solutions are used in many industries, such as e-commerce, mobile gaming, telecom, fin-tech (finance) , healthcare, insurtech (insurance), fitness, retail, banking and many more businesses. While calculating investment on customer churn prediction costs you should understand all other financial and business benefit aspects. In addition, statistics show that it is 5 times cheaper to retain existing customers rather than finding and acquiring a new ones. Churn prediction allows you to not only keep your clients active and loyal but also give you additional opportunity for up-sell and cross-sell on retained customers. So, all of these factors give you an amazing opportunity to grow your business faster.

customer churn prediction software

Regardless of the industry, above customer churn prediction ROI calculator will help you pre-determine the potential advantages of implementing churn prediction AI model into your system. It also helps to estimate how much you could save by implementing machine learning models for customer churn prediction.

Use our churn prediction software to increase your customer retention and churn prediction ROI. Get started applying machine learning for marketing and AI models for predicting customer churn and stop your customers from leaving your company. Discover patterns in your customer database and apply that information to retain more customers and keep the loyal. Furthermore, our customer churn software will provide you with additional recommendations on why your customers are likely to leave.

Customer churn prediction using machine learning in various industries

Customer churn prediction in telecom industry

In recent decades, the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has grown rapidly. However, commercial companies in general and telecommunications companies in particular are considered one of the leading sectors that suffer from customer churn. This means that such companies can lose about half of their clients and can lead to decrease in profitability. Therefore, telecommunications companies use different strategies to manage churn and retention. [2]
Machine learning has already been used to reduce customer churn by well-known giants such as AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone and T-Mobile.Today, even small companies and startups are trying to implement artificial intelligence applications as soon as their services enter the market. [3]

Customer churn prediction in telecom

Customer churn prediction in retail industry

Even very simple machine learning algorithms can collect, analyze, and show data while providing precise predictions based on conversion trends, repeat visits, and transactions made by a certain consumer. For example, e-commerce website uses predictive modeling to manage return on investment(ROI). The solution they use sets the rules for identifying “potential outflows” and determines the value of each such client.

Moreover, due to machine learning algorithms, they use customer data to effectively target personalized marketing campaigns to those clients. This is how customer churn prediction ROI using machine learning works. [4]

Customer churn prediction in retail
To sum up, it is important to predict customer churn ROI. Predicting and preventing customer churn ROI will not only save your company a lot of money on attracting new customers, but it will also provide a significant additional potential revenue stream for your business.

If you have any questions about machine learning consulting or you need assistance in measuring ROI on predictive analytics implementation for customer churn, just drop us a line. We will provide you with free consultation and analysis of your data for potential machine learning and AI model implementation for customer churn prediction.


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