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October 22, 2020

How To Make The Most of Artificial Intelligence Consulting?


Edwin Lisowski

CSO & Co-Founder

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Artificial intelligence consulting can be a tremendously beneficial consulting that will help you adopt AI and work in a much more efficient way. However, there are a few ground rules you ought to stick to if you want to make the most of this service. And today, you’re in luck because we are going to outline the crucial artificial intelligence consulting principles.

AI consulting services

First of all, let’s think for a few seconds, why do you need artificial intelligence consulting? AI is a broad but also a complex subject. This technology can amazingly enhance your work, but a lot of previous preparations and adjustments are necessary. And on top of that, there has to be some sort of strategy behind every action to make sure it all goes in the right direction and will have a measurable impact on your work. And this is where the artificial intelligence consulting company comes into play.

The role of an artificial intelligence consulting company

An AI consulting company helps clients devise and design artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning tools to help them achieve various goals and perform different tasks. However, in order for AI to be a useful assistant, it has to be fully integrated with your IT and business environment. Only then will you be able to get satisfactory results. One of the must-have aspects is integration with your data environment. You see, almost every application, algorithm, or device that works on artificial intelligence or machine learning has to have constant access to data.

The role of an artificial intelligence consulting company

Without a shadow of a doubt, there’s a lot of work to be done even before the first line of code is written. You have to ensure your infrastructure will cooperate with AI algorithms and provide them with adequate data sources. All of that is the role of an artificial intelligence consulting company.

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence consulting companies provide two essential types of service:


You can’t just start using AI overnight. It’s a sophisticated solution that needs to be designed and adapted to your specific needs. That’s why you need a decent strategy. The strategy should answer all the relevant questions:

  • What do we need AI for?
  • What results are we expecting to see?
  • Which aspects of our work need to be improved?
  • What has to be done/adjusted before we start using AI?

The AI consultant has to analyze the client’s strategy, opportunities, challenges, and data management and analytics capabilities and solutions that the company uses. By going through these elements, an artificial intelligence consulting agency can prepare the AI strategy that should be taken by the client.

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A word of advice: Be prepared to hear that some significant changes or adjustments are indispensable.


At this stage, the real work begins. A multitude of various activities has to be conducted, including project management, vendor selection, development, change management, and improvement of the business procedures and IT infrastructures. This is also a job for the artificial intelligence consulting firm. Naturally, the implementation stage is carried out in close cooperation with the client. Finally, the consultant’s role is to make sure everything runs like clockwork, and you will be able to obtain the expected outcome.

To sum up, such a company works as your partner and advisor that leads you step by step through the entire process. At the end of this journey, you will have a fully-functional and amazingly advantageous solution that will introduce your organization to an entirely new level of work.

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However, there are some ground rules that will help you find and work with an artificial intelligence consulting company in an effective and pleasant way. First of all, we advise you to read this article about finding the perfect AI consulting agency. This text will significantly broaden your knowledge, but there’s more.

Artificial intelligence consulting principles

We want to show you additional seven points that will make your future cooperation a cakewalk. Here we go:

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Outsource freely

When it comes to AI, outsourcing is the best strategy you can adopt. The AI sector struggles with significant workforce shortages. Estimations show that there are currently about 40,000 people worldwide who have AI qualifications. According to Global AI Talent Report 2019, a complementary survey of LinkedIn profiles indicated a total of 36,524 people who qualified as self-reported AI specialists[1]. In other words, finding an AI specialist who will be willing to work for you full-time is a challenging and time-consuming task. Not to mention that it’s not necessarily a cost-effective solution.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: OUTSOURCE FREELY

On the other hand, working with an agency is much easier and cheaper. Here, you pay just for ordered products and services. The settlement is (or at least should be) transparent and understandable. So, yes, if you want to pursue an AI project, look for an artificial intelligence consulting company.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Work with your agency of the strategy

This stage is critical. You have to be engaged if you want to get a strategy that will meet your needs and requirements. Only you, as an entrepreneur, know your current situation and the challenges you struggle with. Tell your consultant as much as you can, show the benefits you want to see and problems that need to be solved. Only then will they be able to prepare a strategy that perfectly matches your needs.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: WORK WITH YOUR AGENCY ON THE STRATEGY, puzzles

Put this assignment on top of your priorities list. Don’t consider your AI project something that you can do in your free time. If you decided to pursue this project, make sure it’s finished and delivered as scheduled.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Communicate a lot

Don’t ever assume that your consultant knows or predicts something. Ask, ask, ask. Too much communication is much better than misunderstanding. If you don’t ask about something or don’t attract the attention to something, you risk weeks (hopefully not months!) of work. Keep this fundamental rule in mind: The more you communicate, the better.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Find yourself a good motivation

Let’s be honest here. It will take months before you will see your AI algorithm or application. AI development takes time, and you have to be ready for that. Many people lose motivation on the way and terminate the contract before it’s done. It’s a massive waste of time and money! Don’t do that!

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To make sure you will lead your project to the end, you have to have good, long-term motivation. What can be such motivation? For instance, think about how much money, time, or resources your company will save after your project is implemented. Always concentrate on the positive outcome.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Remember about data security

This aspect is twofold. First of all, you have to remember about personal data protection. In the European Union, we have the GDPR regulation that protects personal data. Make sure your project is compliant with this regulation or any other law that is valid in your country.

data security

And second of all, keep all your AI documentation and know-how in a safe, protected place. Sign an NDA with your agency. Exert every effort to protect your project. Keep in mind that AI is still a novelty and a professionally-made application that runs on AI is a valuable asset in your company.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Use existing solutions

This point is particularly important when you want to save money. In many instances, especially in the more straightforward applications, there are some ready-made solutions that can be easily adapted to your needs. Such an approach makes everything much quicker and cheaper because the agency that works with you doesn’t have to do everything from scratch.

Always ask your consultant if there are any solutions or software that can be used in your project. If yes, find out what the conditions are (fees, license, etc.). If not, find out why and what can be done instead to finish your application.

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Again, don’t be afraid of asking questions. An experienced artificial intelligence consulting company should understand that there is no need to develop something absolutely new and special in most cases. In fact, the list of existing ready-made solutions and frameworks is already very long, and it extends every day! Why wouldn’t you use that potential? Especially if it allows you to save some time and money!

Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Take care of your IT infrastructure

As we told you before, you have to be prepared for some adjustments and modifications in your existing IT infrastructure. AI applications usually have to be combined with the top-notch data warehouses and other pieces of the IT infrastructure. From now on, your company will every day conduct data mining, data extraction, data cleansing, and other processes of data science. Of course, your agency will surely present you a list of necessary modifications. Be prepared to invest some funds in the latest solutions, get to know how to use them, and start working with them.

To Sum Up

With all of these principles in mind, you’re good to go! Stick to them, and we are 100% certain your future project will be a huge success! And if you’re still looking for an artificial intelligence consulting company – drop us a line. We are always keen to start a new project and help you understand the meanders of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are at your service!


[1] Jfgagne. Global AI Talent Report 2019. URL: Accessed Oct 22, 2020.


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