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August 02, 2023

How to shape your company’s culture based on reality: case study by Addepto


Ania Wierzchosławska-Giza

Talent Acquisition Partner

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Over the past few weeks we’ve started a journey of self-discovery and growth as a team. Driven by the need to enhance Addepto’s essence, we have taken the initiative to figure out what really matters to us: a culture that reflects our core principles and values. Through internal 360-degree feedback sessions, surveys, workshops with all employees (including the board and management), and our deep research and analysis, we have defined five core values that will shape Addepto’s culture moving forward, our EVP and the priority areas on which we will focus our efforts in the upcoming year.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil them to the world: Openness, Proactivity, Ownership, Balance, and Respect!

Why are values so important?

They speak volumes about who we are as a company and set the tone for our culture. They guide both employers’ and employees’ actions, decisions, and interactions, shaping our long-term success.

So here we go:

Addepto's values

Openness: We believe in open communication, transparency, and a free exchange of ideas. We encourage everyone to speak up, share their thoughts, and contribute to our continuous improvement. By fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their points of view and ideas, we can nurture innovation, build trust, and strengthen collaboration across our company.

Proactivity: We know that success doesn’t come knocking on our door. We need to go out there and grab it ourselves! Taking initiative, anticipating challenges, and seizing opportunities are the key to our success. We foster a proactive mindset that keeps us ahead of the curve, adaptable, and exceptional in delivering results. By embracing this mindset, we can adapt to change and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Ownership: When we take ownership, we make a difference. We empower our team members to take ownership of their work, projects, actions, decisions, and professional growth. We want to foster the culture of autonomy. When we all take accountability for our actions, we build trust, reliability, and commitment. When team members take ownership, they feel a greater sense of pride and satisfaction in their work. We understand that our contributions directly impact the outcomes and achievements of the organization.

Balance: We recognize the importance of balance in all aspects of our professional lives. This includes balancing efficiency with quality, taking calculated risks, and finding harmony in our workloads. We strive to create an environment where our team members can find equilibrium and perform at their best. Additionally, we value our team members’ well-being and encourage them to prioritize their personal lives alongside their professional growth.

Respect: Respect is at the heart of our interactions and behavior. We value diverse perspectives and treat everyone with fairness, empathy, and dignity. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, we create a balanced environment that promotes collaboration and encourages individual growth.

Why did we pick these specific values to define Addepto’s culture?

The answer is simple: we genuinely believe in them, and they hold immense importance in our day-to-day work: they guide our actions every day. We’re committed to implementing a new strategy based on these principles, by integrating these values into everything we do: from hiring and periodic evaluations, to professional development programs.

By embracing these values, we aim to create a workplace that is not only productive but also inspiring and fulfilling. With openness, proactivity, ownership, balance, and respect as our guides, we’re building a better place to work, grow, and develop.




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