Customer churn and retention decrease are a very important problems in most of the industries nowadays. To solve these issues, it’s very important to analyze each user and predict future events. Machine learning techniques are able to discover patterns in your customer data and apply those insights to predict churn, which well helps to retain more customers. Use the Customer Churn Prediction ROI calculator below to estimate how much you could save by leveraging predictive analytics.

Avg. number of customers
Avg. revenue per customer
Avg. retention (%)

Yearly Effects:

Lost revenue
Savings from 10% Churn Reduction
Savings from 20% Churn Reduction

Churn prediction solutions are used in many industries, such as e-commerce, mobile gaming, telecom, fin-tech (finance) , healthcare, insurtech (insurance), fitness, retail and more businesses. In churn prediction financial aspect is very important. It’s 5 times cheaper to retain existing customer rather than finding a new one. Churn prediction allows you to not only keep your clients but also give you additional opportunity for upsell and cross-sell on retained customers. All of these factors give you an amazing opportunity to grow your business faster.

Regardless of the industry, following calculator will help you pre-determine the potential advantages of implementing churn. It also helps to estimate how much you could save by implementing machine learning models for churn prediction.

Use our churn prediction software to increase your customer retention and churn prediction ROI. Get started applying machine learning and AI models for predicting customer churn and stop your customers leaving. Discover patterns in your customer base and apply that information to retain more customers. Our software will provide you with additional recommendations on why customers are likely to leave.

Retain more customers in subscription businessess such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Fintess
  • Software
  • Internet etc.

If you have any questions or you need assisatnce in measuring ROI on predictive analytics implementation for customer churn, just ping as a message. We will provide you with free consultation and analysis of your data for potential machine learning model implementation for customer churn prediction.

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