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Case study details

A start-up developing a pioneer Automated AI for Conversation Intelligence was hugely aware that ETL processes are the Heart of their product that can make or break its market traction.

Company’s founding idea is bold, and as remote work becomes increasingly popular, it also has a chance for a good market fit. The product’s core feature is to attend and transcribe Zoom and Google meetings automatically.

This bot can be delegated to any call as a “passive participant” and transcribe meetings for those who can’t be there.


The company reached Addepto consultants to run the ETL audit and design future-proof and scaleable dataflows.


The long-term plan assumes connecting conversational data collected directly by the bot with those from different systems such as CRM, marketing automation, etc.


The goal is to derive the most valuable insights and put them in the user-friendly form of dashboards or other visualizations.


The client not only received an audit but also benefited from a consultation service.

This helped them validate the assumptions they had made at the outset in terms of best ETL practices, potentially leading to cost savings and optimization of further development.


Given all of this, the ETL processes, which smoothly combines data from multiple sources into a single, consistent data store or another target system, had to be absolutely impeccable. The company’s managers were deeply aware of it.

The company reached out to Addepto Team to run an ETL audit and check if their processes were indeed bullet-proof.

Instead of relying solely on in-house resources, at some point, the company decided to gain a fresh external perspective.


Transforming ETL Processes: Shifting from Auditors to Consultants for Scalable Ecosystem Development

The goal seemed, at first glance, very typical. Addepto Team was familiar with running audits and improving ETL processes in companies across sizes and industries, so why might this time have been different?

Well, as soon as the Addepto consultants stepped into the company, it turned out that although the product strategy was well-thought, the product itself was still in the very early stage of development, when there were still many variables and unknowns.

During project development, our team worked on:

  • Addepto Team decided to change its approach, move from auditors' positions to consultants' to clean up the established ETL processes and design future dataflows to make building the entire scaleable ecosystem possible.
  • The start-up environment made it impossible to run the audit "by the book" by reverse-checking all the ETL processes, as not many were already set in stone.


Addepto Delivered

The company’s goal was straightforward:

The company had a great and very ambitious idea.

To transform it into a functioning product - it wanted to double-check all core elements, which were, in this case, the ETL processes.


Integrating Audit and Consultation Services for Enhanced ETL Practices and Cost Optimization

After embracing the consultant approach, we dived deep into company’s business logic. It ran through the long-term strategic plans for further development of this product to detect whether some dataflow bottlenecks might stop or slow down its different implementation.


As we pointed out above, the ETL processes acceleration went first, yet it was just the beginning.

Addepto optimized all ETL processes and prepare them for a bigger data volume of data and so to build the whole “bloodstream,” which would enable to addition of other data sources with no need for revamping the already established ecosystem.

It required both strategic and tactical approaches, as choosing the right technologies and tools could be a bottleneck regarding scalability.


The collaboration – as both companies knew the crucial importance of data-related processes – went smoothly and fruitfully.

Client gained not only an audit but also a consultation service, enabled it to ensure the assumptions it made at the beginning are, in fact, good in terms of best ETL practice, which potentially can translate into cost savings and further development optimization.

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