Client: PurpleLotus

Enhancing Data Infrastructure to Improve Business Analytics

Case study details

Purple Lotus, a dispensary of cannabis products, was looking for a way to clean up its data pipelines to make business process improvements. The company, which generates a massive volume of data, wanted to derive meaningful insights from them, and – to do that – their data infrastructure had to work flawlessly.

The company’s operations cover selling – both via offline and online channels – cannabis products and the whole logistics, including home delivery. These, combined with the medical nature of offered products and their variety, caused a massive amount of data to be digested to get valuable business insights.


Purple Lotus was not a rookie in the Big Data field, but its initial data infrastructure designed to collect transactional and behavioral customer data could have been better.

  • It didn’t handle data volume growth.
  • Historical data sometimes got “lost in translation” and happened to be labeled or classified incorrectly.
  • There were no integrations with external data sources, or they didn’t meet the expectations, no API, etc.


Addepto Team decided to build a whole new data warehouse extended by the existing elements of the business intelligence. It used Looker to cover the data visualization and Big Query for the data warehouse. The MVP was based on a modern AirByte data pipeline enhanced by custom-made connectors and GPT and deployed on the Kubernetes cluster.


The company was looking for a way to integrate multiple on and offline data sources, as it was developing eCommerce sales strongly while having four brick & mortar stores. Moreover, the data infrastructure was about to embrace the vast part of HR and payroll processes in the long run.


The solutions delivered by Addepto met and exceeded Purple Lotus’s initial expectations, even though it was just an MVP. The plan is to extend the potential of its current capacity by adding data orchestration and data observability features to build cause-and-effect sequences of events and enable real-time anomaly detection.


Addepto Delivered

The goal was to:

Improve Data Infrastructure

Enhance Business Insights and Decision Making

Set the Foundation for Future Enhancements

Let our clients do the talking

The Addepto Team has managed the project very well, and their communication is consistent and clear. They consistently met timelines or communicated if there would be delays. They are very responsive and always looking for solution to meet our needs.  

Sara Krishnamachari Chief Financial Officer – Purple Lotus Patient Center


Enhancing Purple Lotus's System with Advanced Data Solutions

The solutions delivered by Addepto for Purple Lotus not only met but exceeded the initial expectations, especially considering it was only a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This success lays the groundwork for further enhancement of the system’s capabilities. The planned expansion includes integrating advanced data orchestration and data observability features.

The addition of data orchestration will streamline and automate the process of managing complex data workflows. This will ensure more efficient and error-free data handling, allowing Purple Lotus to seamlessly integrate data from various sources and formats. This integration is crucial for synthesizing a comprehensive view of the business landscape, leading to more informed decision-making.


  • Data Infrastructure Limitations
  • Limited Integration Capacity
  • Inefficiencies in Data Management


  • Robust Data Infrastructure
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Enhanced Analytical Capabilities
  • Foundation for Future Growth

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