Artificial Intelligence (AI) in social media

Nowadays, social media is undergoing a transformation thanks to the AI and technologies such as machine learning. ML leverages big data sets to get insights and optimizes business processes. Actually, social media produces huge amounts of data. Mostly it’s content, comments, customer interactions and more. Information for each individual user of your platform is contained in that data.

Digital marketers could use machine learning for marketing to better understand buyer persona, increase lead generation, improve customer experience, and even increase sales and conversion rates. Also, you could encourage social media engagement with AI personalization engines, which will match the preferences of each individual person. But let’s see some specific examples.

Below you could see 6 ways how machine learning and AI are transforming the social media today:

Content personalization

AI algorithms and machine learning in marketing analytics are specifying the preferences of each user and then recommending appropriate content for them. Also, recommend further articles to read (or video to watch) to increase the time of using the web service. It’s also could be named as a recommendation system.

This kind of content personalization and recommendation solution increases and improves user experience (UX) which directly converts to a time users are spending on the website and as a result of their monetization. The rule is very simple – show the right content at the right time for the right person.

Content popularity prediction

to predict what will be popular tomorrow. Forecasting daily demand for content will give you the possibility to prioritize content on your website. You could also properly arrange content on the website according to customers’ preferences. This solution helps companies to plan content publications it’s subjects and very specific user group target.

Social media allows nowadays consumers to become contributors and distributors of created content. As a result, it led to the exponential growth of information and has resulted in an online competition for consumer attention. For the past few years enterprises by observing particular content popularity dynamics are trying to understand what makes one piece of text more popular than another and moreover being able to predict content popularity. Content popularity prediction is used in different areas of social media, internet and some platforms such as Netflix e.g..

Customer churn prediction

to predict which client will stop using your platform or delete the profile. It will help to maintain relationships with high risky customers. That is very helpful because the cost of acquiring the client is 5 times greater than the cost of maintenance.

Customer lifetime value prediction (LTV)

to predict how much money a particular customer will spend on your platform. By analyzing their behavior on social media and digital platforms, artificial intelligence can determine what their habits are, and what motivates them to spend money.

AI for Sentiment analysis of posts on Social Media

to detect comments with negative moods and be able to respond appropriately to them. It helps to verify how the influencer’s post is received by the social public. It is helpful for e.g. for FMCG or production companies to have knowledge about their new product opinion on the internet and social media. Those companies are able then to interact with existing or potential customers and better understand their expectations and needs in terms of product.

Post subject image personalization

to match the best image to each customer based on preferences. That will help to maximize the post-opening conversion. Users are more likely to click on articles that have a background similar to their favorites. Personalization always helps to increase customer loyalty and as a result improve sales and users monetization. Such solutions are build using advanced AI technologies such as Computer Vision.


Influencer Marketing

A lot of already mention solutions are also used in the Influencer Marketing industry. This is a very hot topic and a new way of how companies are leveraging analytics and data from Social Media to boost their marketing campaigns. AI together with Influencer marketing platforms gives an opportunity for marketers to understand perfectly their audience and choosing the right influencer for a planned marketing campaign. Influencer marketing platforms with help of AI engines are able to process huge amounts of data, detect audience demographics and match the right influencer with the account who is planning a marketing campaign.

loyalty and marketing

To sum up – AI in Social Media

This all to say, that social media generates a lot of data that potentially could be used to monetize your customers and improve their experience. The possibilities of using the data are much broader it all depends on what information you collect in your company and in what way. There is a lot of opportunities today to use data that is surrounding us and are generated every second.

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