The Role of Machine Learning in Today’s Landscape

Each and every year the world get more and more convinced about the tangible value of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From initial disbelief and scoffing at computers, people have seen AI succeed in outperforming Kasparov in chess to speaking sentences that could fool humans, and nowadays figures like Elon Musk extrapolate theories straight out of science fiction claiming that robots might even overtake humanity in the future. AI has proven to be a considerable force on the market, and it’s no wonder why so many companies invest in it nowadays – you put yourself at a disadvantaged position if you don’t. Even more so now, as companies use the leverage provided by machine learning-powered predictive analytics to come up with a plan addressing the current situation and brace for the aftermath of CoVID 19. Of course, not everyone can afford their own team on-site to take care of these things. That’s why the popularity of hiring a Machine Learning Remote Agency has been on the rise. Agencies like these work almost autonomously, but at the same time know to listen to your input. And now with the current situation, everyone is on the same playfield, so the situation across remote and onsite workforce has been equalized.

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The Upsides of a Machine Learning Remote Agency

There is a difference, though – freelance contractors often have a h

eadstart worth of years of experience. They’re used to remote working environments and have learned to maximize their advantages, especially in the IT sector. What advantages, you might ask? Let us dive in.

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At first, I’d like to mention the factor that many will find bewildering,

but it’s a proven fact – enhanced productivity. A Vodafone survey has reported that out of 75% of companies that have adopted flexible working policies, 83% of them have reported increased productivity, and 61% of them claimed to bring in more profits. There is a lot of potential reasons that might explain such results, as better work-life balance, more happiness by saving time and money that would be otherwise spent on commute.

There is a secret weapon that gives machine learning and IT-centric agencies an edge in remote working over other industries and that is… personality types. At some point in your life, you might have answered a questionnaire that describes your personality with a four-letter designation, for example, ENFP. This test is called a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI for short. A lot of recruitment agencies use MBTI to find a perfect match for a job and they often seek out and hire people with INTP or INTJ personality types for programming gigs. Those people are generally introspective, highly analytical problem solvers. And guess what – they thrive in their remote working environment, without the interruptions and distractions their colleagues might cause them, so they’re at their peak productivity in the comfort of their own homes.

There are also very noticeable differences when leading a workforce that works remotely. As a business owner, you can save on overhead costs: desk space, electricity, and utilities. This report equated the saved costs of desk space per employee to £650 yearly. What’s more interesting is that according to the report, average employee productivity is ramped up by 5.1 hours per week, rounding up to £4200 more yearly profits.

When you decide to hire a remote machine learning agency, location stops being a constraint and thanks to that, you have access to a much greater selection of professionals. You can recruit someone from the other side of the world with ease, but be mindful of timezones; they can prove to be a big obstacle in communication. Unless you’re a hardcore night owl – then go for it!

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The Upsides of a Machine Learning Remote Agency, computer

Managing a Machine Learning Remote Agency and the Importance of Communication

Now that you know the benefits of working with a remote agency, you should also know how to work with one if you make the decision.
If you worked with a remote agency before, you know that communication is one of the most vital components of cooperation. Of course, there are communicators like Slack, Skype or Fuze that we rely on from day to day, but it’s hard to take all of the communication that’s usually happening day to day in the workplace and transform it to the digital space. Those are good for some light-hearted conversation and short exchanges, but that simply won’t cut it in the long run.

A good idea would be to have regular meetings over Google Hangouts or such, to emulate the normal climate of a workplace by some face-to-face conversation. If you have been forced to transition to the online environment because of the current situation, it’s very important to make the environment of remote work resemble the conditions of normal day-to-day work to accommodate the new situation and have some routine that your workers can stick to.

Working with contractors though, you don’t need to sort all of these things out. When most people now have been forced to work from home are doing baby steps in that regard, setting up a new workflow, an environment in their homes that they can work in – remote agencies have it all figured out, so you don’t have to worry about a rocky transition.

Nevertheless, managing a remote agency, especially one for Machine Learning, requires you to set up some rules in place so that you can make sure everyone’s in agreement. Here’s a set of robust rules that will help you achieve it:

  • To make sure your comms are in check, you need to clearly state your intentions and make sure you’re clearly understood every time. Excess of information is always better than the scarcity of it.
  • When setting up online meetings, be careful of timezones I mentioned earlier – be sure to set up a call at an hour that suits both parties. Compromises help you and your team to be on the same page.
  • Regular reports from the agency are a good idea, but be careful not to go too hard on micromanagement. In this case, overdoing it will most likely yield a negative result.

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Keep the Spirits High and Control the Situation

To sum up, it’s paramount to take some preliminary measures to ensure the cooperation goes smooth but the payout in relation to your input will be incredible.

On a final note, all the benefits of remote working are only amplified with an agency for Machine Learning and similar purposes. The advantages are clear – cost-efficiency, increased quality of life for both the worker and the manager and better access to top tier talent. If you decide to go with this option, do be sure to message us – we’ll gladly work with you. Machine Learning is as useful as it’s ever going to be, with predictive analytics able to optimize businesses to survive the current pandemic. If you want this power at arm’s reach – send us an e-mail.

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