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March 28, 2023

Addepto, pioneers of highly-appreciated AI solutions, hit record revenue growth

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Warsaw, March 28, 2023

In 2022, Warsaw-based company Addepto strengthened its position in the global AI and Big Data market, recording 300 percent revenue growth.

We have managed to scale up the business and win clients’ trust who, just a few years ago, wouldn’t even consider sitting at the table with an unknown back then company from Poland. Today – thanks to the experience of our specialists – they see us as a valuable partner that can be trusted at all stages of designing AI systems, from consultation to the development and implementation of a custom solution, says Artur Haponik, CEO and co-founder of Addepto.

The company’s projects cover the full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data custom-made solutions. Addepto’s solutions support and enhance the capacity of platforms that automate and optimize internal processes, including logistics, production, and creative, using Computer Vision, NLP, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, and so on. The company’s experts are also involved in implementing so-called Digital Twins (Digital Twin), for example, optimizing airport operations.

We started small – by creating AI models to streamline ERP systems, but we quickly realized that many companies often need to realize the potential of the data they already have. We enhanced our offer with Machine and Deep Learning models able to handle more sophisticated tasks. Now we are invited to various innovative and often even experimental projects that allow us to test pioneering academic assumptions in practice, says Edwin Lisowski, CSO and co-founder of Addepto.

One of the most exciting challenges for the Addepto team has been to develop a solution that enables intelligent editing of the video content in real-time on substantial spherical screens for American entertainment holding company Madison Square Garden Entertainment.

The concept of “stitching images” is not new, and off-the-self software can handle it at some level. However, Madison Square Garden, which runs large-scale mass events, required a higher quality achievable in a limited time. Thus, the software had to perform vast amounts of real-time data to deliver top-notch visual effects. Addressing this problem was quite a challenge, comments Edwin Lisowski, co-founder of Addepto.

The solution developed by Addepto will be part of the giant AI infrastructure that will fill the new Madison Square Garden arena.

Implementing those kinds of projects that require developing completely new AI models attracts talented experts and clients interested in implementing solutions that radically improve the companies’ performance. AI is already changing the world, and we – as Addepto – want to be part of that change. However, AI is as good as good are people who create it, so hiring the best ones is crucial for our further development,” concludes Artur Haponik. Later this year, Addepto plans to expand its team with new specialists in Data Engineering, Computer Vision, and Data Science.

2023 will be a year of new challenges and further growth for Addepto. The company is in talks with business partners from the Financial and Technology industries to work on pioneering AI tools dedicated to this sector. The future looks very exciting for us. We are growing, evolving, and changing to keep up with the changes because the power of AI and Big Data seems inexhaustible. We are driven to create innovative solutions with extraordinary potential that will make a mark, says Artur Haponik, CEO and co-founder of Addepto.

About Addepto

Addepto was founded in Warsaw in 2018 by two Data Science enthusiasts – Edwin Lisowski and Artur Haponik. In 2019, the company was mentioned by 365 Data Science as one of the best start-ups to work as a Data Scientist; two years later, Hackernoon listed Addepto as one of the “Top 30 Business Intelligence Consulting Companies” and in 2022, on the company was featured alongside Capgemini, EY, IBM and Boston Dynamics as one of the top AI consulting companies worldwide. Addepto specializes in innovative AI and Big Data solutions for the Automotive, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. Most of its clients come from the US, the UK, and Germany. In 2021 Addepto joined Grape Up. The company currently employs 45 people. In 2022, the company generated revenue of PLN 15.8 million.
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