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July 10, 2024

Addepto’s AIOps Framework Now Available on Databricks Marketplace

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Addepto, a leading AI consulting company specializing in creating tailor-made AI solutions, MLOps, and Data Engineering, announced the integration of its AIOps framework for Databricks into the official Databricks Marketplace. This strategic move significantly expands the accessibility of Addepto’s solution, enabling more organizations to streamline their AI and data operations on the Databricks platform.

addepto x databricks

The AIOps framework for Databricks, developed by Addepto, enhances Databricks’ capabilities, streamlining collaboration between data and AI teams. It offers a comprehensive solution spanning machine learning, Generative AI development, and operational workflows. From automated notebook creation to seamless GitHub integration and robust production environments, Addepto’s framework ensures efficiency, scalability, and reliability throughout the AI lifecycle.

We’re thrilled to bring our AIOps framework to the Databricks Marketplace. This collaboration allows us to empower more organizations with the tools they need to operationalize machine learning, generative AI and operations at scale. By combining our expertise in AIOps with Databricks’ robust platform, we’re setting a new standard for efficient and reliable AI and data workflows.

 – said Edwin Lisowski, COO and co-founder at Addepto.

By leveraging Addepto’s expertise in AlOps and Databricks’ unified analytics platform, organizations can accelerate time-to-value for AI projects while maintaining rigorous standards of security and scalability. The AlOps Framework facilitates end-to-end automation of AI workflows, from data preprocessing to model deployment and beyond, ensuring organizations can achieve their AI goals efficiently and effectively.

Databricks is excited to welcome Addepto to our Marketplace with their innovative AIOps Framework for Databricks. As a leading AI consulting and Data Engineering service provider, Addepto brings invaluable expertise in streamlining machine learning workflows and bridging the gap between ML development and operations.

– said David Kulwin, Director of Data Partnerships at Databricks.

The Addepto MLOps framework for Databricks is now available for purchase and deployment through the Databricks Marketplace.

About Addepto

Addepto is an AI consulting company specializing in MLOps solutions that help organizations optimize their machine learning workflows and drive value from AI investments.