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Manufacturing & Supply Chain


NLP can analyze thousands of shipping documents and provide manufacturers with greater visibility into the areas of their supply chain that are lagging behind.

Some of the most popular NLP solutions in the manufacturing industry include:

+ Automation of manual processes

+ Industry benchmark data collection

+ Reducing language barriers

+ Perform compliance tracking

+ Real-time tracking of data changes

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Financial Institutions


Financial institutions such as banks can gain valuable insights through data analysis.

The most popular NLP solutions in the financial sector include:

+ Faster identification of money laundering and other forms of fraud

+ Big Data analysis and market research

+ Obtaining business insight based on the analyzed data

+ Risk minimization and risk management improvement

+ Improving the decision-making process.

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NLP solutions have great potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector. They are already helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and it is estimated that the importance of NLP in healthcare will grow every year.

Natural language processing now helps doctors by:

+ Performing analysis of incoming mail

+ Providing live chat for patients and tagging people with COVID-19 symptoms

+ Improving patient diagnostics and suggesting treatment methods

+ Prepare summaries of patient information, medical notes and categorize them with appropriate keywords.

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Retailers can gain a lot from introducing NLP solutions to their business. Their customer data can be analyzed and, based on conclusions, used to improve the quality of service and customer loyalty.

The most effective NLP solutions include:

+ Data-driven decision making

+ Better marketing results

+ Identifying the most profitable customers and improving personalized offers,

+ Understanding the needs of your customers,

+ Strengthening brand exposure