Process Capability Software

In process improvement efforts, the process capability index is a statistical measure of process capability – the ability of a process to produce output within specification limits. This is where Process Capability Software turns out to be of great importance.

Process capability analysis and statistical interpretations are essential to identify possible future problems with a given product. Your business can use valuable time and resources to prevent errors, rather than on making changes once the damage is already done.

What is the capability of a process?

Process capability is a statistical measure of the inherent process variability of a given characteristic. A process-capability study can be used to assess the ability of a process to meet unique specifications. It is a reliable way to measure the effectiveness of business processes and a perfect tool to introduce relevant changes in strategy.

Process capability helps you to measure how well the process performs to meet given specified outcome. It indicates the conformance of a process to meet given requirements or specifications. Capability & statistical analysis powered by Machine Learning helps to better understand the performance of the process with respect to meeting customer’s specifications and identify the process improvement opportunities.

Process Capability Software Analysis Steps

  1. Definiton of the parameter, metric or measure to calcluate and analyze;
  2. Historica data collection and trend analysis;
  3. Analysis of statistical process stability (i.e. in control);
  4. Calculatation of the process capability indixes;
  5. Process monitoring and ensuring it remains in control over particular period of time. Updating the process capability indexes if needed.
  6. Predict future outcomes, using machine learning, based on historical metrics and values.

Process Capability analysis and Predictive Analytics


The company has used excel sheets for process capability analysis and statistical interpretations and MSA simulations. Staff engineers were not able to detect future problems with product testings and inconsistencies. Some of the product test limits or products itself should be adjusted or replaced based on the test results and product checks. A lot of manual work was performed during the data analysis.

Our solution

The Data Science team of Addepto has developed an intelligent Visual System for process capability analysis using data processing and Machine Learning techniques. Big amounts of data were processed and visualized for CPK, PPK, and MSA analysis.

Additionally, this system allows predicting which particular product test fill fail and on which particular test step. We have used predictive analytics and regression techniques to predict test results beyond the limits.


The main benefits of process capability software include:

  • Reduced manual work by 30%.
  • Improved product testing life cycles by replacing test steps as well as by eliminating some of them.
  • Operational costs of delivery products to the customer reduced by 25% because of the detection and prevention of sending bad products to the customers.

Intelligent visual system for process capability analysis: illustration of solution

Capability statistics can tell you how well your process is meeting the given specifications.

There are two capability statistics that are hard to keep straight: Cp, Cpk.

Cp definition

Cp is often described as the capability the process could achieve if the process was perfectly centered between the specification limits.

The equation for Cp is usually presented as: ET / NT

  • ET – Engineering Tolerance (the width between the specification limits)
  • NT – Natural Tolerance (the width that should contain almost all of the data from the process)

Cpk meaning

Cpk formula is usually described as the capability the process is achieving whether or not the mean is centered between the specification limits.

Cpk calculation is more complex: [minimum(mean – LSL, USL – mean)] / (0.5*NT)

  • LSL – Lower Specification Limit
  • USL – Upper Specification Limit

Cp and Cpk

Cp and Cpk both are used for process capability. It is essential when the process is under statistical control. This usually happens with a mature process that has been around for a while.

Process Performance

To measure process performance, we often use Pp and Ppk. It is mainly used when a process is too new to determine if it is subject to statistical control.

Therefore, there is not much historical data, so we take large samples from the process to account for variability.

Process capability software: Statistics – Example

Process capability software: Measurement Systems Analysis – Example

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) is a thorough evaluation of a measurement process. It usually involves a specially designed experiment to identify the components of variation in that measurement process.

Below, you can see a practical example of process capability software using measurement systems analysis.

What technologies do we use?

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