B2B products based on Machine Learning and AI technology

Digital e-commerce 360 reported in 2020 that the main investments in e-commerce for B2B companies include:

  • the Internet of Things (48%),
  • third-party online platforms (48%),
  • artificial intelligence technologies (47%),
  • personalization (44%),
  • integration with social commerce platforms (44%).

What’s in the ebook?

Discover how your business can benefit from solutions based on machine learning and AI technology.

Table of contents:

  1. Examples of computer vision application
  2. Case studies of business solutions based on ML and AI technology in 2021
  3. Key takeaways
  4. About Addepto

About Addepto

Addepto’s AI development specialists have experience in creating specialized advanced solutions based on machine learning and AI technology, such as:

  • AI voice analytics
  • Function recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Object detection
  • Background segmentation
  • Emotion detection


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning