Machine Learning and Business Intelligence use cases for retail and e-commerce

What’s in the ebook?

Learn about hi-tech solutions in retail and e-commerce that can help you to uncover customer patterns and create a personalized customer experience.

Table of contents:

  1. How machine learning technologies can help your business grow
  2. Technologies
  3. Solutions for e-commerce
  4. Solutions for retail
  5. About Addepto

Our advanced solutions for retail and e-commerce industries:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Pricing optimization
  • Sentiment prediction and text classification
  • Modern data warehouse
  • Detection product components in images

About Addepto

We specialize in creating custom machine learning solutions that meet our clients’ current needs as well as adapt to future changes.

Our services include:

We will gladly help you pick and implement the solution that’s fully fitted to your needs.


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