The future of Generative AI: Exclusive insights from Europe’s Gen AI Event 2023

Addepto Team participated in the Generative AI Europe Conference 2023, held recently in Amsterdam. This comprehensive eBook encapsulates the critical learnings and expert discussions from the conference.

What’s inside?

  • LangChain: Pros and cons: Explore the potential and limitations of LangChain in language-based tasks and understand its impact on rapid prototyping versus production environments.
  • OpenAI API vs. Open-Source LLM: Dive into the debate between the ease of OpenAI’s API and the control and privacy offered by open-source Large Language Models.
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Learn about this innovative approach that enhances LLMs, making them more accurate and contextually aware.
  • Navigating Gen AI Challenges: Uncover the complexities, from managing hallucinations to addressing industry-specific scalability issues.

Don’t miss out on these insights from the Generative AI Europe Conference 2023! Get your copy now! 


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