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We are a team of Data Science & Digital Transformation experts who are helping companies move into the AI and machine learning-powered age with tailor-made solutions as well as with Machine Learning Consulting. Specializing in predictive analytics, computer vision, deep learning and big data.

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Digital Transformation & Data Science Company

We build machine learning solutions & deep learning consulting for customer predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, computer vision, text processing, and full-stack BI or Big Data implementation. Turn your data into valuable insights with our deep learning and machine learning solution’s help.

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Some of our recent Machine Learning consulting, Deep Learning & Data Science projects

See how our machine learning agency solves business problems with a quantitative approach using Deep Learning, Big Data and BI consulting. We support companies from various industries all around the world.

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We’ve helped a multinational software company to attract new customers and increase market share by implementing Machine Learning and Business Intelligence modules, which help end-users achieve their business goals regarding customer churn and operational effectiveness. Business users all around the world are using embedded analytics models for business decision support.

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PPC click graph by Addepto


Our machine learning agency helped one of the global retail companies to optimize online ad spendings using text mining and increase the effectiveness of the operational activities (process automation) using image recognition and computer vision. Advanced AI algorithms were deployed to minimize costs and automate workflow using Machine Learning.

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Risk chart by Addepto


Using the classification Machine Learning model and self-service BI we helped a financial service company to optimize its pricing policy. The model takes into consideration customer behavior, payments and in-app activity data and adjusts pricing depending on the customer’s financial profile.

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Package tracking by Addepto


We’ve helped a logistics company to make the right business-critical decisions using full range of information. We integrated data from multiple systems (ETL) into Enterprise Data Warehouse and implemented predictive models on top of that. Logistics route was optimized and right business decisions were made thanks to deployed analytics systems.

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We’ve helped a leading manufacturing company to enhance management efficiency by implementing an automated reporting system with Data Warehouse, which covered HR, operations, business, and sales processes. Addepto team has build Business Intelligence and analytics systems for decision support and management decision making.

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The main headquarters of Addepto is in Warsaw. The capital of Poland has a lot to offer in terms of human capital. People here are interested in developing technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and data science. It is a great place to look for highly-qualified Data Scientists and Machine Learning expert companies in the field of AI and analytics.

Our team is gradually growing, new members join us both from different cities and countries. We work together to implement business intelligence and big data solutions that will accelerate the digital transformation of our clients.

Every day our machine learning consulting company works on new solutions that solves our client’s problems and adapt to future changes. Our goal is to minimize the need for human engagement and automate time-consuming processes using machine learning and AI.

We believe in continuous development. We follow the latest technological innovations and implement new solutions in our projects.

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We’re a team of Machine Learning consultants and Data Science experts with experience from various industries. Working with global companies such as P&G, Citi Bank, ING Global, SAS, Parexel and IPF.

We have many years of experience in the implementation of decision support systems (MIS), bi solutions, big data clusters and machine learning algorithms for prediction, classification and optimization problem-solving.

“If you are looking for an experienced and reliable Machine Learning agency, I can highly recommend Addepto. Their team of experts is open to new challenges and willingly prepares individual technological AI and ML solutions.”

Robert Newman
Vice President of Engineering – J2 Global

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