Adversarial Machine Learning

Adversarial Machine Learning Today, we want to tackle an entirely different side of machine learning. We want to talk about adversarial machine learning, which is an ML technique designed for testing purposes and research. Like every other human technology, machine...

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Data Lake Architecture

Data Lake Architecture Today’s efficient data lake architecture should be more like a data management platform able to process big data (structured and unstructured data) while providing speed, consistency, and security at a reasonable cost.  As explained...

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Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models As you may recall, we wrote about Machine Learning Techniques and Methods at the beginning of 2020. However, we think it’s vital to get back to this topic once again, as it’s much more extensive than you’d think. Today, we would like to...

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Big Data Trends 2020

Big Data Trends 2020 Although we already are in the second quarter of 2020, it’s valid to talk about big data trends that will emerge and grow in the coming months and possibly even years. Augmented analytics, cloud optimization, continuous intelligence, edge...

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Machine Learning Datasets

Machine Learning Datasets As you know from our previous article, the entire idea behind machine learning is to go from data to insight. No matter what type or kind of project you plan to conduct, you always need datasets for machine learning projects. Your...

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