Deep Learning Applications

Deep Learning Applications We stay with the deep learning subject. This technology returns in our blog posts so frequently because it’s developing rapidly and gaining great interest among data scientists, machine learning specialists, and entrepreneurs. The fact...

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Deep Learning Analytics

Deep Learning Analytics Nowadays, experts are talking about deep learning in the context of analytics and the possible applications of that technology in the business world. And the truth is, many giants–Yahoo, IBM, Facebook, Google, are very interested in this...

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NLP Algorithms

NLP Algorithms Today, we want to tackle another fascinating field of Artificial Intelligence. NLP, which stands for Natural Language Processing, is a subset of AI that aims at reading, understanding, and deriving meaning from human language, both...

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Machine Learning Frameworks

Machine Learning Frameworks Last time, we talked about machine learning software. Now it’s time for a similar subject. We want to show you some of the most popular machine learning frameworks. Although framework and software are strictly related terms, they don’t...

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